Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sunshine! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

'I always thought that there are so many guys in the office who've had a crush on you'

when? where? how? bummer! did i miss some possible candidate? heh :D
Pennin manam aanil vizha vendum, vidhi dhan maaradhu.

Its not ok.

Who told you it was?

How dare you thought it was.


(to the moron who told me that am fat and shouldn't be bothered about it at all. fuck you!)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No matter how independent I claim myself to be, I quite like it when someone takes care of me.
Blackberry is awesome!

So awesome that you can keep in touch with everybody! and never miss them.

(... and never like them more than you already do!)
To the girl with that horribly 'puncture-your-lungs-by-not-breathing' & 'bend-and-i-ll-see-your-bum' tight dress and vertigo inducing sky high heels :

Is that pretty guy really worth all this torture?
In the urge to prove to the world that he is awesome, he loses that very quality, one chunk at a time. As he turns into ordinary from extra-ordinary, I can't help but feel sorry.

You were awesome.
I think the human heart or mind, whichever that is that deals with emotions and relationships, is like a storage unit with racks starting from the bottom and moving up to infinity.

As an when people come into our lives, we unknowing place them in one of the racks. But then again, two people never share the same place.

When that particular person is kind to you, he/she moves a level up. And when unkindness hurts, the person who caused you that, moves down one level or many levels.

Heart, that way, is quite spacious. It can accommodate everybody, from the old woman you saw begging on the road the other day to the person who you truly love.

So, if you want to move up to the level where you automatically enter the heart's innermost chamber, be kind.

Otherwise ofcourse there are so o many racks down down down there. Your pick! :)
Nobody likes to be told how horrible they are, no matter the level of horribleness.