Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Incredible Sharu....

On a crazy busy day, my chat window pops up:
Her: "I know you are busy but, one small suggestion to reduce the weight of ur laptop... clear or delete all unnecessary softwares and files from it!"
Me - @#%$^#$!!!
Her: Ok. Now that my job is done, carry on with ur work :P

Silly, naughty, sexy (self proclaimed, ahem), Incorrigible Flirt -- Meet Sharvari Nittur a.k.a Sharu

For everybody who lives in Bangalore, usual mornings are undoubtedly annoying because of one reason -- Traffic. Well, for me, there's more than one reason :)

A girl (ok fine, woman!) half asleep, drowsy, dreamy, hunched fatso carrying a 100 kg laptop bag -- yes that's me, walks into my company shuttle and there she is, seated cozily on 3/4th of the already small shuttle seat. Not to forget, the remaining 1/4th of the seat she saves for me to fit my ass into. (dont ask me how I manage that!)

Along with our usual game of trafficking starts our spicy gossip session. Both of us are like mosquitoes in the shuttle - For a continuous 45 mins to 1 hr, we go on and on, non-stop. Most of the time bitching (about others), and rest of the time praising (ourselves) the shuttle journey is something I look forward to every working day. Whoever wrote stuff like:
"Its not the destination that matters, its the journey
The destination is always half as exciting as the journey"
I now Know what inspired them to make such statements. Shuttle journey with Sharu is definitely fun. And about the destinaton, nevermind! ;)

Our bitching spectrum spreads out evenly to cover every soul inside and outside the shuttle, invariably. :) Sometimes its somebody's hair, sometimes their clothes and sometimes their very being that triggers the gossip queen within us. And oh dear,we love it or what! :)

So, lets get back to Sharu:
Fun to be with, hilarious, intelligent, beautiful single mom - Sharu has lots to tell the world. (Oh, am gonna slyly not mention about her incapabilty to think clean/straight. She can embarrass the pope! But the best part is, he ll love the conversation too :))

Give her a typhoon and she ll tell you how simple it is to ignore it! Yes, that is one quality in her which keeps me wondering.

After all that she has gone through in her life, (no, will not expand on that) it takes true strength to acknowledge happiness, true courage to move on, true humanity to trust again and a true lover to want to love again.So this post, besides from being an attempt to introduce her (or pull her legs), is, in all means a small note of the abundant respect I have for her. I honestly donot possess in me the power to be you Sharu. Its impossible, period.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One of the most funniest blogs I have ever read:
She is too funny! :)
Situation - Cold night. Heavy rain. Good shelter in a petrol bunk. More stranded people for company :) A mobile in hand and a girl on the other end of the sms.

He: Bit romantic ok. I would dream being with a girl. Ofcourse whom I like. And a peg of whiskey.. And a cigarette. Romance with the lady. Have a sip of whiskey, have a drag.. again romance.. Goes on.. Till the rain stops ;0D
She: On the romantic lines - sit real close to him, hold hands, lie on his shoulder and enjoy the rain with a good conversation.
He: In that case, I could be an option :) You can hold my hand.. Lie on my shoulder and enjoy the rain. Meanwhile, I ll do my part.. Ha ha..
She: :) thanks for the offer. Someday if the need arises, I will consider the offer. But then, I mite not like to be loved in line with alcohol and cigars.
He: If at all the time comes and you consider the offer, then I will trash alcohol and cigar :)

.....and so the converastion went on. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dad - Come home this weekend!
Me - Dad no! I cant.. I ll miss my dance classes
Dad - U and your silly dance classes
Me - No, its not silly dance classes. Its Salsa dance classes
Dad - Pode. Come home for the ganapathy homam.
Me - Accccchhhhha.... :( I came home only two week's ago.
Dad - So what.. come..
Me - Dad. I am broke. I cant come. I ll come for Diwali.
Dad - Oh!
Me - successssss! (in my head ofcourse)
Dad - Ok fine. I ll call you later.
Me - okkk..kkk. Bye

After an hour:
Me - Endha acha? (what dad?)
Dad - Debited some money into your account. Now come. A smug look on his face (or so I imagined)
Me - grrrrrrrrrr
Dad - Hahaha!

Moral Of The Story - I have the cutest, crankiest, silliest dad in the whole wide world. :) Dove him!!
1 USD = (a whooping) 47.9695 INR
1 INR = (a minuscule) 0.0208466 USD

Its a mean world!
He - "If Romeo and Juliet were born in India, we would have celebrated 'Romeo Jayanthi' and 'Juliet Jayanthi'.."
Me - Ahahahaha...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Read and loved -
I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with flowers and friends.

I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
he said - 'one that would make you my wife'

Thursday, September 17, 2009

25 little things I want to do before I leave Bangalore..

1. Click a picture from the top of Jayadeva Flyover. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I want to do it. Everytime am on a bus or auto and I am on the top of the flyover, I look down and sigh. Its quite a sight from above, at night. I see thousands of vehicles vrooming and their lights form unabatable patterns which I want to click. I have always wished I had a two wheeler standing on which I can capture that bit of experience, which I ll cherish forever!

2. I want to go to Nandi Hills and see the sunrise. It will be the first big sunrise I ll see in my life. (not too sure of the future)

3. Go for one of those underground salsa clubs and dance like its the last day of my life. I have enacted out this one experience a zillion times in my head already. Am sure reality will be way more sensous!

4. Wonderla - yes. I want to go to there and spend one crazy day.

5. Dress up in a proper ghagra choli (with the accessories and all that) and play dandiya in one of those rajasthani places.

6. Have a movie day - watch as many movies I can in one day. In a theatre. And no, I am not talking about 3 shows. I want to watch 5 (or more)! Now how I will do it, is beyond my understanding.

7. Attend a crazy Bollywood night. No, not the one where they play all remixes. I want to go to a place where they still play the super cheesy 'mere khwabon mein' n all that.

8. LEARN TO SWIM. Yes. I want to do it before I step out of Bangalore.

9. Go wall climbing. yes. I. will. do . it. No matter what.

10. Shop. Shop. Shop (just cant get enough of this :P) - M.G Road, commercial Street, Jayanagar 4th block....

11. Get caught by a cop. The karnataka cops intrigue me. I want to know if thy can accuse someone, in english. I will make sure that I dont let them know I understand Kannada. :)

12. Fight with an auto driver. Yes, could never make myself do it. Preferably in Kannada.

13. Converse fluently in Kannada.

14. Learn to drive and then ride a bike. Preferably, an avenger :) (In my case, definitely not an easy task)

15. Sit facing the back of the bike and go for a long crazy ride, on the koramangala roads..

16. Travel in the same BMTC bus from 10 AM - 10 PM.

17. Go trekking. Yes, the last time I went to Coorg, I was such a depressed soul. I missed out on the fun trek. Want to compensate -- with all my heart.

18. Participate and win in one of those competitions happening in forum. Irrespective of what it is about. Singing, tongue twisters.. anything.

19. Play basketball. The last time I played it in Garuda Mall (on a miniature court), I LOVED It!

20. Get wet in the cold bangalore rains. Eat ice creams. Shiver. Fall sick. Sleep cozy. Suffer through the night. Wake up. Get going!

21 to 25 - will be updated...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So.... is love:
Falling in love with a person or
Falling in love with the idea of falling in love?
Read and loved...

"You're either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist or a hard court specialist... or you're Roger Federer"


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet the new 'Hot' member on my work table.. Welcome home!

Isn't he cute? :))

(Apologize for the poor picture. It was shot using a mobile cam :))
Sometimes its important to 'Read between the lines' and sometimes its more important to 'Not read between the lines'

And if you are smart, you might just be able to figure out the difference between both situations. I personally never could differentiate.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Strange that it requires more energy to spread ones arms out and accept people. Much more energy than required to hate them.

Hating comes more naturally to me than forgiving.In some strange way hating someone gives me a sense of philosophical grief -- a grief which makes me feel accomplished. Yes, when I think of it, I liked living in agony than living with no emotion at all. I was depressed -- when all I had to do was to forgive.

Today, as I replace agony with happiness (and thousand means to find it), I am able to accept people, their shortcomings and inabilities -- just the way I d accept my own mistakes. Makes me feel like a better human being, a happier soul. I love this transformation in me...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"It's not as easy as it seems, to carry the weight of your dreams." -
Yes. Not even a bit easy.

"It's not as easy as it seems, to carry the weight of another's dreams."
Yes. (Either you take back your dreams or stay with me to bear the weight)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I could have avoided.
I could have ignored.
I could have lied that I've moved on.
I could have done a lot of things.

I dint. And I am happy about it :)

Yet another tempting mistake.... and I got tempted, this time again.

Craving for what I think I deserve or finding ways to rot in hell? I Wonder....