Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dad - Come home this weekend!
Me - Dad no! I cant.. I ll miss my dance classes
Dad - U and your silly dance classes
Me - No, its not silly dance classes. Its Salsa dance classes
Dad - Pode. Come home for the ganapathy homam.
Me - Accccchhhhha.... :( I came home only two week's ago.
Dad - So what.. come..
Me - Dad. I am broke. I cant come. I ll come for Diwali.
Dad - Oh!
Me - successssss! (in my head ofcourse)
Dad - Ok fine. I ll call you later.
Me - okkk..kkk. Bye

After an hour:
Me - Endha acha? (what dad?)
Dad - Debited some money into your account. Now come. A smug look on his face (or so I imagined)
Me - grrrrrrrrrr
Dad - Hahaha!

Moral Of The Story - I have the cutest, crankiest, silliest dad in the whole wide world. :) Dove him!!

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