Thursday, December 24, 2009

I want:

A cotton pant that fits right

A better job

A button to cancel out loans

One tablet to take, every-time I want to smile

A new dress for every Monday morning.

One manual memory eraser

Delectable food that never gets stored as fat on my body

A body with a better shape

one superpower

A personal Santa Claus

Less of prayers

A heart, to give

Many other hearts, that give

A song that sounds good when I sing

A musical instrument which i can play

One talent

A dance, for me

The ability to say 'Fuck off' and mean it.

A man with a 'Yours Forever' tag attached on him (Non-negotiable)

happiness, abound.


  1. Yup...its very important to be happy and do what you like...totally with u on this :-)

  2. now u've inspired me to make my "I want " list...

  3. Wish you get most of them in 2010 Soum.. most of them.. coz a song that makes u sound like a singer, and a personal Santa, etc.. konjam kashtam ma :D .. swalpa adjust maadi n smile.. like this.. :)

  4. a man with urs forever tag.. thats a beautiful thought.. i want one too :-(

  5. Shar - Yo! :)
    Seema - Cool! u shud make yours too. For all you know god reads blogs these days. Go on girl! :)
    Sush - hehe i ll ve to adjust on a lot of things i ve mentioned above. Well, no harm in wishing though :)
    Ms.A :P - hmmm.. that s a tough one girl.. We ll need to get hold of a guy n brand him with that tag. I dont see any other way :(

  6. Jus Branding wont do nowadays hon!!!!

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  8. I like your wish list.. :) there are so many my wishes in common though and also for most of the girls!