Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salsa is fun... Good Good fun :)

Monday - Day 1, Loads of work and managing it! [5 more days to go :"(]
Tuesday - Day 2, Reports and work... [4 more days to go :'(]
Wednesday - Day 3, Meeting and work [3 more days to go :(]
Thursday - Day 4, Another meeting and work [2 more day to go :)]
Friday - Day 5, Friday blues and yellows and greens and.. work (I more day to go :P)
Saturday & Sunday - Dance classes. YAY YAY YAY!! :)))))

Yes.... I wait for it all throughout the week!

Gaurav & Jeeva, Doc & Me

Photographs: Kruti Kothari

Shridhar can get quite funny. Shri, Raj, Myself and Ravi enjoying a joke while dancing (No prizes for guessing that I was the joke there.. hhmmpph!)

(Will update this post as and when I get the time :))
In my case... I loved.. I lost.. I cried... I loved again.... lost again.... cried even more... and then I started living. Kick-ass life am having now. Is that weird?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avada Kedavra!!!! - A hundred times over.... :X

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

gchat... facebook... orkut .... blog... twitter... work...

(yes, in that order)

The phantom of certain people are more fearsome than the person himself....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ishu visits.... (Two weeks ago)

and ofcourse I couldn't let her escape from my photography expedition :P

Ishu a.k.a Iswarya is my younger sister, brat, nuisance, responsibility, critic, headache, etc, etc, etc... (am so o dead if she reads this!)

Cappuccino cup in different angles... Silly.. but heyy.. I clicked them! :)

Heart n all...

(Girls!! - Am sure u noticed Nikhil Chinappa in the background. Now you know the reason for this angle :P)

"You are a total house-wife material"

I hear it again. Hmmph! >:(

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Two Wishes..

It was raining like its never going to end and the air was cold enough to make trees shiver.

Man 1 - Sitting in a strong and sound, interiors outrageously designed, larger than requirement house worth about 1 and 7 zeroes. He watches the rain, lying lazily on his suede couch. The room fills with the aroma from the steaming cup of tea brought to him by his 8000 p/m salaried maid. He takes a careful sip of the Britain manufactured health tea. An icy chill breeze sends a shiver goes down his spine and the hot tea produces goosebumps all over his arms. He turns his head back to the 40 inch Television with Home theater and plays a lousy Hindi movie. Half watching, half listening, half drinking, he thinks about that hottie he spent last night with. 'Wow! she was some company. I should ve called her over for the day!'
'Sunoo' calls out his decked up, vertically small and horizontally broad wife. He continues to stare at the TV like he cant care any less for anything she has to say. 'I am going off with my Kitty Party friends. I wont be home tonight. Its Sheena's (4th mmm nah 5th) hen night. See you around tomorrow. Love you honey. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmuah (she blows out a kiss from the door and bangs it close) 'Love u too honey. Have fuuuun, he says to the closed door and sighs. A sudden villainous smile brights up his ugly face. aha! He quickly picks up his i-phone and taps those 9 numbers to reach heaven!

Man 2 - An icy cold wind hit him on the face and he swears out loud. The rickshaw hits a bump and his back cries out. His 70 year old spine is not his best friend anymore. It makes him grumble everytime he sits, everytime he stands, everytime he sleeps and everytime he wakes up... Arthritis has been an unwelcome guest on his knees for over 10 years now. His fading memory doesn't let him remember the time when he dint have any of these pains -- when his body was robust. He cant wait for this annoying rain to stop from wetting his self everytime a wind blows into the rickshaw.
350 rupees should be given to the owner of the rickshaw, he remembers. Sigh. Its been a bad day with no good trip in hand. He worries about how he will get the money and suddenly remembers his wife telling him about the newspapers she has collected from the neighboring big houses -- they could sell it and earn a decent 100 rupees. Great! 100 from the old newspapers, 50 from the lady sitting behind, 250 from the first half of the day. Sigh. Rent can be taken care of. He will be left with 50 rupees. Hot hot Jalebis for his wife!! His face lights up. The leaking ceiling of his house can wait. He coughs out loud and feels a killing pain in his throat. Aah! this cold! Heat emanates from his body. Fever! Bad! Another bump. Ouch!

Everytime the vehicle hits a bump, the woman sitting behind him pulls up her tube top. He wonders why this young woman is even bothering to wear something like that. The piece of cloth doesnt really serve its purpose.
'I am coming sweetypie.' she sings over the phone 'The car u sent broke down. Am coming in a rickshaw. Ah! I know baby. Its too bad to travel in this godforsaken vehicle. Don't know when the roof will fall on my head. I ll be there in ten minutes honey'
'Children these days!' the old man sighs...
He thinks of the son he and his wife doted upon, saving every penny to give him a decent life. A life way better than what he had. His son succeeded in his life. But failed his parents, terribly. 10 years ago was the last time he saw his son, walk away with her - a rich father's only daughter. Words cant come close to what he feels when he sees his wife cry every night thinking about their only son, only hope, a hope long lost. His princess is what he calls her jokingly. But both of them know how much he means it every-time he says that. His wife! the best gift god could give him. Nothing could equate the pleasure he gets when he goes home and she tends to him the best way she can with the very little he manages to give her.

'Arrey... stop the vehicle. This is where I have to get down' yells the woman. The vehicle jerks. Some water from the potholes in the road flows into the rickshaw.
'Silly man!! Look what you ve done. My shoes. Arrrrgh! do u even know how much these cost. Shit! I thought atleast your brain was stronger than this.. this.. stupid vehicle of yours. Arrrgh! My feet is full of dirty water. Yuck!'
The old man stares at her feet as he listens to all the insults. The huge gate of the humongous house opens wide. Somebody comes out.
'What is it Honey?'
'Baby... this man. This man here... look my shoes.. aarrgh!'
'These auto-drivers. Let my driver get back home. I ll fire him for not taking better care of u. U shud ve called me. I would ve sent u another car. Rickshaw.. cha.. such a mess!'
'Awww! Its ok honey. Lets go in' she gets closer to him. As close as can. As odd as can.

The voice sounds too familiar and the old man looks up. Tears swell in his eyes as he sees his son hug that woman, no, not his daughter-in-law. What a shame!

Ranting on how he wants to fire his driver, abolish all the rickshaws and the rickshaw drivers in the city, his son leads the slut into his house. The gate closes and a skin piercing wind blows onto the old man's face. aaah! he groans... As tears wet his face, he asks his Allah to grant him two wishes - One, his wife should never ever get to see this form of their son. Two, he should never ever get to see this form of his son, again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time is flying ...

And I don't quite bother to fly behind it. Is that a mistake?

Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore

I had my first ever Bangalore shopping experience when I visited Jayanagar 4th Block with my friend Shweta, a year back. I was in awe at what I got to see. Trendy (atleast in my standards :P) sandals for 100 bucks, Kurtha's worth 100-150 rupees, name it and you get it all for 100 bucks.

My first take was/were
1. 100 rupees was too much money
2. I suddenly got too rich cos I could manage to have a few hundreds with me,
3. Jayanagar still worked in an era where 1000s were never there.
4. The shopkeepers were big hearted generous people
5. Bangalore was cheap!

Well, my take after a year here is/are:
1. 100 rupees is equal to no money
2. I am still poor
3. 1000s are in. 100s were out LONG back!
4. Nonsense
5. f#%k off!

So yes.. back to 4th Block. There's a lot to see in this place. Could work well as a day's outing if your are a first. :P
Last Friday, I took my sister there for a bit of shopping. Since I went in the late evening, It got dark soon. I wasnt too lucky, but still I managed to click a few shots!

There s a big Market Area within the BDA complex in 4th Block where you find a LOT of interesting stuff. Here are a few:

This was a quite a veiw! A few hundreds of soft toys, teddys and winnies and tigers, were put together as a huge heap in one store. I was quite tempted to jump in pretending to be a part of some LIVE Treasure Hunt program running on TV. No, I dint jump in!

Some nice Jasmine garlands.

Oh did I forget to mention that you find everything in 4th Block? yes, EVERYTHING! Even God... This is a Pooja Samagrahi (Pooja Items) store.

A rajasthani looking doll was put up in between hundreds of Bandini dupattas.

Another flower shop with more 'in vogue' flowers -- Roses, Gerberas, Orchirds. Beautiful!

More to come...........

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am Miss. Silly Smiles!

Here's the proof:


On a Saturday... Myself and Shwet... In a BMTC Local Bus.. Koramangala to BTM.

This bus had seats facing both directions -- Forward and Backward. I sit on the seat facing the back of the bus and Shwet faces the driver's direction.

Shwet - Yay! We are sitting opposite to each other! We see two opposite directions!
Me - You see the future. And I still can see ONLY the past.
Shwet gives me a ''no-NO!!-you-did-not-say-something-as-silly-as-that'' kind of look!

hah! I did say something as silly as that!

(why wasn't I surprised?)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Heart Sundays! :)

Weekend AHOY!! (Pictorial tit-bits of my day)

I woke up early on Sunday (very strangely) I was reading and day dreaming and all that... while I was waiting for Shwet to appear.... She did... sometime in the afternoon... So what happened next?

We go for lunch -- Flavors of China, BTM

I like the light which falls on Shwet and I click it immediately. Now I wish the light was a bit more louder...

While I wait for my food....

(No... I was not stalking guys... no no no.. I was learning how to... take a picture :P)

And the food arrives... Yummy YUMMY fried rice!

I indulge.....

(courtesy: Shweta Anand) You thought I ate and drank the whole of what you see in the pic? Well.. that was exactly shwet's intention!

And then we go to my Salsa Class...

Jack -- as happy as ever :)

(courtesy: Shweta Anand)

Jeeva and Shri (teachers) show us how its done!

(courtesy: Shweta Anand)

And I follow....

(courtesy: Shweta Anand)

After almost two hours of spinning, spinning and more spinning, myself and shwet head back home -- She with a happy head (coz of all the pics she clicked), me with a reeling head (after all that spinning)...

Now you know why I love sundays :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The thing you love the most and happened to lose always has a way of coming back to you... (Harry Potter: Order of the Pheonix)

I wonder.... Will it still mean the same?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I think having a boyfriend (a particular kind) is similar to having a baby.

You HAVE to be awake when the baby is, sleep when the baby sleeps, eat after it does and also pamper its stupidities.

Women with such Boyfriends -- EEW! Go get a life!
Such Men -- EEW! Grow up!!!