Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Judgement on Indian Courts

Last week, I went to the court with a friend of mine. And these are what I deduced out of my experience:

1. Do-not get married. If you ever happen to, please don't apply for a divorce. I d rather choose to live with the guy even if he is an asshole. I mean, I ll choose 'bad' over 'worse'. Bad being the husband and worse being an Indian court case.

2. Please work to prolong ur tendency of yawning if you ve to go to a court.

3. The best profession in the world is to be a judge in an Indian Court. They come in at 11. Sign ten cases. Take a 20 min break at 12.30 and ofcourse, lunch break is at 1.30. After that no new cases are taken. Its great to get paid to do nothing.

4. All the lawyers in the court looked so bored that I was tempted to suggest all of them to get out and get a life.

5. In a day, they take a look at atleast 30-40 cases. And all they do is give the affidavits/plaintiffs another date to come to the court.

6. If you hate somebody, go ahead and kill them. If you look for justice in an Indian Court, u are searching for a non-mallu in Dubai. It's equal to negligent. On the other hand, killing ur enemy is quite cool. By the time the court finally decides to get you to the court to fight your case, your grandson will be honoring your grave with flowers.

7. The court I went to had the worst assholes in the name of lawyers. One kept hitting me at my back. First time, i thought it was by mistake. Second time, I got irritated. Third time, I turned back and stared at him. All that jackass did was to give me a saint-like expression.
To that lawyer - Go get a whore or go fuck yourself. The latter is more probable with that face of yours.

8. My friend has been fighting her case for 8 damn years and her public prosecutor has no idea what the case is about. He said - 'Go get ur next date. I ll read your case by then'. I was zapped.

9. The amount of attention they give you in the court is directly proportional to the amount of money you show them. If you are really rich, U should go to a court. You might get your shoes cleaned if u showed some money. How clean, am not sure.

10. Humanity is questioned in there. Brothers give each other cold-snares, Couples cant wait to get each other cut off, one human cant bear the existence of another one -- even if it is his own mother. Lawyers ask you to come 'alone' so that you can 'discuss' your case with them.

I think court and case and everything is all a humbug. No court can make u human. You got to be one. If you are not, then with the way Indian court cases move, you ll die as a non-human.


  1. How can u possibly express urself so well!! Too gud...Muaaaaaahhhhh!!

  2. Yes Sowmya... though i have'nt visited any court so far, but yes i can guess how it might be through your this post.. i liked the way you wrote it.. :)

  3. superb!!!! i wish all the judges and lawyers read this and do some thing.... change them selfs....

  4. wow... controversial post... didnt know u got sooo angry n all( point.7)
    n thanks for telling me bout point 1. i shall tell dat to everyone goin thru a miserable marriage..

  5. A - yes, I did get quite upset. Its a horribly intimidating place to be in.
    Point 1. - Yes please, preach as much as u can :)