Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I miss her....

I still smile when I think of those days...

She used to sleep beside me every night, sucking noisily from my rug -- I had this dirty looking rug to cover myself and it had bobbles all over it. She loved to suck it until she slept (Like how kids suck their thumb). My mom used to beat her up everytime she noticed this. But, I, dint quite bother. If she liked doing that, I had no problem. When it was just the both of us around, I d let her do whatever she felt like doing.

Quite a nasty thing she was. As the night grows, she would cuddle closer to me and slowly hijack my pillow (:-!) Some time in the early hours of the morning I would realise that she had fully taken over. Quite a nuisance. But a one I loved to deal with.

She was my 6.30AM wake up call and by far the only one who knew how exactly to quickly wake up a sleepy ass like me. I would hear a cry first -- ignore, a weight on my chest next -- ignore and next I d feel a rough lick on my cheek, now that is something I cant handle! I would ve no option but to open my eyes and there should would be, nestled on my chest, grinning at me. Still half asleep I d open one eye, pick her up and open my room's door to let the woman
catwalk down to the kitchen.

Those days were good -- I used to go on with my daily night routine -- Long phone hours with him. And she was there, all throughout the happiness, the passion, the love and my tears... As I built castles in my dreams while he spoke, I became the queen, he my man and she my guard. hah! She would sit up like a lamp post and keep staring at me while I spoke. If I ignored her, she would climb on to me. He once said - 'I wish I was her', I thought - 'U can never be her.But, you ll still have all what you want, and much more'. So, as the both of us walked down the path of our togetherness, she tagged along with me in my

I told him once - 'She's staring at me. Quite intently. Like a threat. I think she is manipulating against me. She would just walk downstairs someday and let my parents know that am chit chatting with a special friend'. He laughed at my assumption. I loved him and loved her too.

When he went away, without even turning back, my castles shattered. My heart broke. I was the queen no more, but she was still my guard. She still snuggled close, maybe to tell me that she was there for me. God bless her for that. I really needed someone to know about things. She did.

My guardian angel! My kitten.... who lived to grow up as a sexy woman, a pet I loved a little too much.

Well, my castles were in dreams. But this woman was no dreamer. She lived in reality and in a few months time bore her man's children. She d come to me with her big tummy and cuddle closer, begging me to rub her tummy. I did so, often. In another 3 months, she gave birth to triplets, three tiny ratlets (like I called them). She suddenly became the princess of my family. Every attention was on her, every hand helping, every eye doting. She was sure shamelessly enjoying all the attention she can take. She would let me keep her ratlets on my palm. I d spend some time with her during her nursing days, telling stories to those eyes which looked at me, all the time. But like all other friendship, ours had to end too.

I moved out to another city for work, away from my house, away from her. Over time, over the distance the bond between us vanished.

A few months ago, my mom called to inform me that my cat passed away, ran over by a car. It hurt me. I cried. and moved on.....

When I think of those days, I miss her.... I wish she was around, to listen to a few more of my stories.


  1. phh i m feeling sorry for ur lovely cat......

  2. I'm sure if she could read, she wuld have bin touched too :)

  3. I feel sorry for the guard of this queen. But who was "the man" ? huh...

  4. @ KK - thanks :) I think evrybody shud ve a pet, atleast once in their lives!
    @Maga - sssssssshhhh! :)

  5. it is really nice representation of the feel u have for ur loving pet .........

  6. Crap... I thought it was quite boring.. except for the cat staring at you when you were talking to your "special friend". To me that was the moment the alligator came to the surface to show itself for a few seconds and quickly went down to the syrupy melodramatic waters of drama queendom.

  7. True Sony... The whole feeling by itself was quite dramatic. I was an 18 yr then. I still am pretty much a drama queen... But.. at that age.. I was more like a drama Monster and the above post is written the way I felt about things at that time. Cheesy... And out of the world! :P

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  9. hi Sowmya ..... I am writing this comment for all your postings. Today, I read a number of ur blogs, It is really nice to read someone expressing in such an expressive way. This is the first time when I have come acrros blogging and yes, I started this with reading your blogs. I find it very nice as I have started with a blog which is quite dramatic yet very truthful. Again, the rest of the blogs which I have gone through so far, represent very nicely a different views together. Great Sowmya ...... KEEP IT UP ........

  10. HI

    I was against pets. But now I want to have one for myself.


  11. Sree - AWW!! thank u so o much :) This is the best comment I ve ever received.

    And, you should have a pet. Its very much like having a baby :)

  12. Som, you are very expressive and an amazing writer... I became very excited,curious as i start going through the lines.I feel sorry for the cute cat of urs..Iam moved the way u have expressed ur feelings.