Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dial Justdial - For anything (and everything)

Marriage, no matter how scary it is for the bride, it is super exciting for the bridesmaids. Very true in our case. Let me introduce to you the 4 member ASS'S club (yes, that's all our first names put together)
FYI - The name ASS'S denotes what we possess, not what we are. (If you can understand, that is. Wink wink).
Last week, one of the ASS'S member Hush broke this exciting news to us - she was going to get married. Our happiness knew no bounds, yes, we were all yelling in the office shuttle.

'yay! We should have a spinster party. It's 'hush's' big day. Let's celebrate!!' said SN
With an exaggerated smile I agreed and so did 'Ana'
Once the initial news breaking moment settled in, horns popped up on all our heads, and it popped first on Miss. SN's head, of-course.

'Ladies!' she announced, 'Let's hire a stripper for the party'
I choked on that statement and Ana looked clueless (as ever!). Of course we dint take the time to explain to her what a stripper meant. It was action time already.

Once seated cozy on the very uncomfortable food-court chairs, SN was pondering on the 'stripper' thought and ta-da! she came up with a million dollar suggestion - 'Let's call just dial'
'WTF!!!' I snorted
Hush couldn't believe her ears, eyes, nose, head, and everything else..
'Am serious guys, Lets call just dial and get a stripper's number' saying so SN called Just dial and here's what happened:

Justdial - Hello Justdial, how may I help you?
SN - Hi my name is SN and I was wondering if you could give me the contact number of a Bangalore Stripper
Justdial - Ok. U need the number of a Bangalore Slipper?
SN - (Giggling) No, Not slipper. I need the number of a Stripper "S-T-R-I-P-P-E-R"
Justdial - Sorry mam. I am not able to understand.. Could you please explain your exact requirement in detail.
SN - (holding the phone away) F!#% she wants me to explain my requirement!
All of us - Ha ha ha ha!!!
Justdial - Mam, are you there?
SN - I think I shud cut the cal

Saying so - she cut the call, threw the mobile on the table and with a saint-like face she said 'My god! I don't believe I just did that' and all of us laughed our guts out.

Two minutes later:
'Just dial guys wont sue me for this right?' (SN with a question mark like face!)
[Hahaha!! They ll not sue you, nor will they ever forget u ;)]
Towards the end of the day, I narrate this whole incident to my friend and he says:

'So, did u get the number for a stripper'
'No silly ofcourse no'
'Well, if you happen to get the number, please pass it on to me'
A thousand question marks rose in my head
'Holy shit! why would you need the number for a Male stripper??'
'Damn! u girls were looking for a MALE stripper????????????'
'~!#!##$^#$%^#$% Alleluia!'


  1. Knowing SN so well and u girls I am not surprised, but u girls had ur share of fun. That I am very sure. Have fun and keep blogging. Nice to read and like the way u write.

  2. Hey thanks Mahadev.. We sure did have fun :) SN comes up with such terrific things!!!

  3. Just love to be with u girls...but I think Som, ur post has doubled the fun :-)...n yes, u express yourself really well...i want to write like u someday :-)

  4. thanks Sharu :) Start writing... and u ll get the knack for it... :)

  5. Having hush telling me the story before hand I was able to interpret the names out here. However it helped me knowing SN much better.

    BTW, I liked the way you narrated the story..especially the last part which happened at the end of the day..

  6. Hey Arun.. thanks! :) glad u liked the post!

  7. Hey Sowmya... u may not know me... but I was talking to Sharu tonight... and I must confess u are FANTASTIC... I really like the way write & express urself... keep it up... way to go!!! & SN has been always like this... :) God Bless U!!

  8. Hi.. Sharu mentioned about you. Thanks for liking my post :) God bless u too!

  9. hehehhe... this is like after a real long time that I'm actually Laughing Out Loud after reading a blogpost. U guys are crazy!but in a funny way. :-) do lemme know wat u get as a alternative to a stripper for the party.. Lotsa "last-day-of-singledom" parties to plan. Cud use sum tips.

  10. Thanks Anju! :) n sure, will let you know wat alternative we find. Since most of our batchmates are getting married, we ll need some contact numbers in hand :P