Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Incredible Sharu....

On a crazy busy day, my chat window pops up:
Her: "I know you are busy but, one small suggestion to reduce the weight of ur laptop... clear or delete all unnecessary softwares and files from it!"
Me - @#%$^#$!!!
Her: Ok. Now that my job is done, carry on with ur work :P

Silly, naughty, sexy (self proclaimed, ahem), Incorrigible Flirt -- Meet Sharvari Nittur a.k.a Sharu

For everybody who lives in Bangalore, usual mornings are undoubtedly annoying because of one reason -- Traffic. Well, for me, there's more than one reason :)

A girl (ok fine, woman!) half asleep, drowsy, dreamy, hunched fatso carrying a 100 kg laptop bag -- yes that's me, walks into my company shuttle and there she is, seated cozily on 3/4th of the already small shuttle seat. Not to forget, the remaining 1/4th of the seat she saves for me to fit my ass into. (dont ask me how I manage that!)

Along with our usual game of trafficking starts our spicy gossip session. Both of us are like mosquitoes in the shuttle - For a continuous 45 mins to 1 hr, we go on and on, non-stop. Most of the time bitching (about others), and rest of the time praising (ourselves) the shuttle journey is something I look forward to every working day. Whoever wrote stuff like:
"Its not the destination that matters, its the journey
The destination is always half as exciting as the journey"
I now Know what inspired them to make such statements. Shuttle journey with Sharu is definitely fun. And about the destinaton, nevermind! ;)

Our bitching spectrum spreads out evenly to cover every soul inside and outside the shuttle, invariably. :) Sometimes its somebody's hair, sometimes their clothes and sometimes their very being that triggers the gossip queen within us. And oh dear,we love it or what! :)

So, lets get back to Sharu:
Fun to be with, hilarious, intelligent, beautiful single mom - Sharu has lots to tell the world. (Oh, am gonna slyly not mention about her incapabilty to think clean/straight. She can embarrass the pope! But the best part is, he ll love the conversation too :))

Give her a typhoon and she ll tell you how simple it is to ignore it! Yes, that is one quality in her which keeps me wondering.

After all that she has gone through in her life, (no, will not expand on that) it takes true strength to acknowledge happiness, true courage to move on, true humanity to trust again and a true lover to want to love again.So this post, besides from being an attempt to introduce her (or pull her legs), is, in all means a small note of the abundant respect I have for her. I honestly donot possess in me the power to be you Sharu. Its impossible, period.


  1. TY so much for writing about me :-) Its like a dream come true for me. Wish i could write as well as u so I cud describe how much u mean to me and stuff. But hey, i might just do it some day....u never know ;-)

  2. No mention :) If i can write, anybody can write :)

  3. I second you Sowmya, she is a great friend and very fun loving lady. She always keeps the ambience so humorous and light. She is the only one who can match my wavelength ;-) Great going Sharu.

  4. Brilliant post and lots of unknown fact revealed I should say =P

    P.S. Love the way it is written.

  5. Thanks Mahadev :) Now I know what ur wavelength is :P
    Thank you Shiv.. :))

  6. Excellent way to express feelings.