Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't boss me around too much. Chances are that you will be ignored even while you are dying!
confused in the head
hungry in the stomach
cold in the body
shoes in the legs
kajal in the eyes
ear-rings in the ears
nostrils in the nose
tongue in the mouth
obvious in the obvious
bored in the day

Monday, August 30, 2010

Life is nothing but a series of fortunate events. In retrospect only. Definitely not in the present.
"I saw him walk away, yet again this time. I gave him the guts, the freedom and the power to hurt, again."
Life gave you a second chance, you trashed it. Don't call life funny ever again. You are. Life isn't.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A smell that lasts forever

The whole wide world made to feel just a handful by connecting all humans (and few weird animals) through just one big web, the whole of that web contained within a tiny mobile phone -- Well, I have no reasons to not believe in the power of the human brain which conceives such technologies.

I decided to jot down my personal 'I want this technology' wish-list. (Bear with me!)
A magic wand which would pull perfect clothes for me from my misused/miskept wardrobe, everyday
A mind reader which would tell me what that hot guy sitting on the other table is thinking about me
An internal magnet which would (fatally) attract him towards me
A thermometer to measure the jealousy quotient that will pass through my friends when I break the news to them...
Well... I have to admit, I can get greedy and illogical at (most) times.

Amidst such unreasonable wishes, I do have a fair demand.

A smell recorder - yes, the one that will record all my favorite smells into a chip which I can carry around wherever I go! More often, in my case, a person's smell is more memorable than their face or the times I have spent with them.

Fresh smell of rain brings back memories of a backpack trip to Coorg with friends. Without a shoe to do the trek, without a jacket to fight the cold. Ah, the peace the place bears. Ah, the smell!

The strong fragrance of the room freshener brings along with it strong memories of Trivandrum. First time living alone, first time being alone. Ah, the boredom. Ah, the smell!

The nostril filling smell of elaichi while being added into boiling payasam fills my heart with memories of mom. The Onam, the vishu, the family. Ah, all that love. Ah, the smell!

The 'chill'y smell of ice cubes bring tears as it reminds me of him. His touch was so cold. Makes me smile as well :) Ah, him! Ah, the smell!

Smell of cigarettes invoke in me the memory of being surrounded by drunken and doped idiots at the Bangalore Oktoberfest with Indian Ocean braying in the background. Ah, the irritation. Ah, the smell!

The smell of Sandalwood fills my heart with the face of my favorite uncle. Ah, the care. Ah, the smell!

I want that recorder. Now. To record the smell of my mother's sweat (yes, I adored it as a kid), the odor of my favorite old book, Bangalore rains, and so many such special smells ...

When the years pass by, the old book might wear off, bangalore might have bid farewell to me, my mother could be oceans apart - but the recorder will remain close to my heart. Every-time I inhale my favorite smell from the recorder, a favorite memory would cross my mind bringing along with it flashes of the years and the people that passed by. I will never forget my life. I will never grow old :)
Someday, when the boiling volcano in me erupts, I want it to do so in utter style. I want everything in the vicinity destroyed. Hmph! X-(

Thanks to certain people and the way they induce hatred in you.
Q: Nyan ninne angu kettiyaalo?
A: Poda thendi.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think in any relationship, any, its important to re-arrange yourselves at regular intervals. So that giving and taking is equally distributed.
Q - Is it too difficult to be nice to people?
A - Yes. With some people it is very very very difficult, no matter how hard you try.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

As I look into his eye and jack him with millions of questions and accusations, the black Krishna just gives me a 'yeah right!' smirk. I don't like him too much at the moment. hmph! Poda dai! X-(

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dancing makes me feel sexy. very.

Even when am at home, with oily hair, boring night clothes and no shoes! Its one of those extremely powerful things I ve seen live in simplicity :) Hence all my love and addiction!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I know it means nothing. But it made me feel happy. Very Very happy. Thank you :)

Elvis Presley's 'Always on my mind':

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's in a name?

It was an easy arrangement. He had a girlfriend. She knew he wasn't for her..

But they loved talking to each other. Buddies. Maybe that's the word. No. Not just buddies. They were not kids. Adults. And so was their relationship.

A relationship of convenience, you could call it.

They were friends, when they wanted to be.
They were co-philosopher's, when life throttled either of them.
They were lovers when there was the need.
Physical? Maybe yes. True love? Maybe yes. Time-pass? Maybe yes. Soul-mates? Maybe yes.

He spoke. She listened. She spoke. He tried to listen.

The past dint mean much, the future was better unknown. The present was what that mattered.

She did not know what was in his head. He had no idea what she was thinking. They just spoke. Strangers? Maybe.

They spun webs of an imaginary world. A world where they would be with each other. A paradise where nothing was wrong.

Dreamers? Maybe.

They wanted to know how it feels to be with each-other. To hold. To kiss. To look. To live.

Wishful thinkers? Maybe.

It was all easy, until they tried to coin a name for what was happening between them.

Lovers? Not quite.
Friends? Not at all.
Soul-mates? No
Strangers? Never
Nothing? Maybe yes.

The arrangement was not so easy after-all. Isn't it?
Happy Birthday Sunshine!
A thousand best wishes coming your way... Much more than you can wish. Much more than you can take :) Good luck with life in general... And many other things in particular!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Over-priced books -- Valueless right from its inception.
Am a book lover. I have the right to say this.

"I've loved you so, and may just love you still;
For in my soul love isn't yet extinguished.
But let this give you not one moment's spill:
I'd never want to cause you grief or anguish.

I've loved you hopelessly, and yet so dearly,
To shyness and to jealousy condemned.
So tenderly I've loved you, so sincerely,
God grant you may be so well loved again."

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am hating you. Slowly. Deeply.

I am loving myself. Slowly. Deeply.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its a non-human tendency to stay away from something if you love it with your life. Well, if you don't love it that much, then there's no problem staying away from it. No matter how much you fake otherwise!
In-between his selfishness, my yearning and the world's unfairness, I feel wasted. Utterly undeniably wasted.

Let go Let go Let go Let go Let go ... ..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's so difficult to understand what's running in his head. As hard as understanding what running in mine.

At-least we are similar when it comes to this one thing.
At the end of the day, humans are capable of getting used to everything. anything.

Which I think is a good thing :)
As she gets ready to tie the knot, I cant help but feel that we almost grew up together. Dreamed of the perfect man together, the perfect marriage together, the saris to wear, the showing off to be done, everything. I remember your tears and the happiness that followed. If you had not let the elusive element 'time' to take over what we once termed as unbreakable friendship, I would have been there through every small step you took into your new life. But now, all I can do is sit kilometers away from you and wish you all the goodness and good luck life, love and marriage can offer.

Happy Marriage. Happy Life. Happy Everything.

Monday, August 2, 2010

With all the goodness in her heart, all the flaws in her soul and the love for a him, sitting wide awake at 3 AM in front of a black god whose existence she truly believed, she begged Krishna for an answer.
He said - "No"

So it will all remain a No, until Krishna himself comes down and proves otherwise. She secretly waits to live that day.