Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Her story...

'What are you so scared of? I wont hurt you, I never will' he typed to the girl on the other end of the sms.
'I am just scared. I don't know why.' she said to him
'Tell me what is disturbing you. I might be of help'
'I am scared to be hurt. I don't even want to give it a try'
'I will never ever hurt you'
':) :) :)'

Days passed and the friendship grew - wait a minute. It was never friendship. It was not love yet. The very first time they started to talk to each other, they knew they were right for one another. He never said, she understood. She never asked, he always gave.

'But, I havent seen you clearly. I vaguely remember your face. Hardly noticed you a couple of times.' she smiled as she typed.
'Yes, only if you had responded to all those 'Hi's' I told you every morning when I walked into class. ' he sighed
'I wish I did. Things would ve been so much different'
'Yes. We would ve known each other atleast a year ahead. Dumbo, you wasted an entire year'
'Yes. Dumbo. me. I wasted an entire year. Sorry :('
'We still have lot many years in our hands'
':) :) :)'

For the most part, he lived in a different city where he pursued his passion. She loved his passion, not because she understood it, but just because he loved it. To think of it, she did have a tiny tinge of jealousy towards that passion of his -- the reason why he had to be away all the time. She was happy, nevertheless.

'Lets cut the call. You have to wake up early tomorrow.'
'No please. Lets keep talking.'
'But why, we can talk tomorrow. Its really late. You wont be able to wake up early.'
'I will. Please keep talking until I sleep off.'
'But that's what we do everyday. Tomorrow is a big day for you, sleep. please'
'Ok. Cut the call then'
'No. You cut it.'
'No. You.'
'No. You. Please.'
'Fine. I will.' he said
she smiled
'good night'
'Good night'
'Good Night'
'Good Night'
'Cut the call.. grrr'
'Fine. Bye :)'
':) :) :)'

'How was today?'
'Very patiently, I asked an irritating fellow to 'Fuck Off''
'Haha. Does that mean the day was good'
':) Yes, that was the only good thing about today'
'What's that song on the radio'
'My fav'
'I like it too :)'

'The invisible angel has started her rounds in my room.'
'My Hi to her'
'She is listening'
':) Not fair. The ghost angel in your room gets to be with you. And I dont.:('
'Come here. Now'
'Right there'
':) :) :)'

Days became months and this long distance chit-chatting went on. Even after months, they never seemed to get enough of each other. They did a lot of things together - as they spoke. The distance couldn't do much about the way they liked one another. They went on long drives, he holding her hands. Ate together in one of those tiny eating places in the city he lived (although she knew nothing about the place). Went for walks, watched movies, woke up in love -- all without being physically together. It was only natural when both of them craved to meet each other, after three months of living together virtually. The date was set. He was coming. Her excitement knew no bounds. He was overwhelmed too. So, they met. She thought he was beautiful and kept cursing herself for not noticing it earlier. He made her feel beautiful. The long drive happened. He held her hand. Both of them remained quiet throughout, a million questions being answered.

'promise me that you will be mine when I ask you to.'
'I will. I promise'
':) :) :)'

Everything was perfect. Until that day...

He had to leave.
She understood. But hoped that he wouldn't.
He left.
She was hurt.She loved him. But never got to tell him.
He knew she loved him. He loved her too. He had to leave.
They kept in touch.
She tried to make him feel that nothing was wrong. It dint quite work.
He knew everything was wrong.
She missed him, terribly.
He missed her too.
Life had to move on. Years had to pass.

In three long years, life had offered a lot to both of them. Much more than expected. She no longer knew what was in his mind. He was far off, and so were his thoughts from her. She tried to move on. Nothing worked. She no longer felt like killing herself for having lost him. But, could never make herself love anyone else as much as she loved him.

The feeling of emptiness remained and over years she had learnt to live with it. But, she wanted to know if that short period of togetherness meant anything for him. She could never guess.

After years, He came back. To tell her how much he missed her. How much he was living in denial.

Although she knew that he was never going to be hers, she was overwhelmed. Despite having lost so many things, She did win. She was rewarded. At last.

Now. Its her time to move on.