Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Helplessness hurts both the one who needs the help and the one who wants to help!

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  1. Once again, i caught this one with ample free time :)

    Hmmm.. starring at it for 10 whole minutes, I think i finally got it! Of course... key word being helpLESSness... something/someone that cannot be helped :) So would that mean anyone who wants to help is doomed to be hurt forever? Because there is always something helpless out there that cannot be helped. Keep in mind that helping out all the ones that can be helped will not eradicate the helpless ones. Infact it will only rise their ratio, adding on to the theoretical vicious cycle of despair for those who want to help.

    But in practical life this is not what we see. Those who help those that can be helped is done so regardless of the helplessness they encounter. I believe this can only be achieved if they developed an attitude of not giving a damn once they realize its a helpless case and moving on. If not, they're sucked into the gloomy chaotic and frustrating world of helplessness themselves.. ending up as one of them.

    So i don't really think helplessness hurts those who wants to help. Its like two kids... one want a chocolate and the other wants to hive her a chocolate. But no money or chocolate exists. That kid would have to have a really skewed sense of reality and drawn to pathos to feel hurt for not being able to get a chocolate for the other kid.