Monday, June 14, 2010

The paradise had a curtain with a string which when pulled down filled the landscape with the containing sun's astounding brilliance. A remote control button popped out the moon and its radiance could evoke love in even incapable souls. The silver deer leaked mercury colored droplets as it passed by you. The branches saved droplets of rain; the tree always shed surprise showers. The water fall was a vision so fulfilling; no canvas, no human eye could ever capture its beauty. My feet walked over soft grass; no rug could replicate that softness. As I counted, the stars dropped into my hands, I removed their silver wrapper and popped that delectable dark chocolate into my mouth. It melted, awakening my spirits. I chose the color of the sky. Today its green and white... wondering if I should change the shades. No, I should just let it be... The peacock dancing around me just gifted me a beautiful feather. Let me pin it at my side locks. Ah, It makes me look beautiful. I looked at the pond and my reflection smiled in agreement to that little fashion statement. The passing fishes lit the pond up with regular shimmers. The aroma was so fulfilling, I could never get tired of this place. Everything so beautiful. Everything made for me.


  1. you ARE a gifted writer.. I couldn't help imagining every description with you in it in your li'l paradise.. its lovely!!