Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Favorites

- Dark Purple Anything
- Looooong walks with my ipod playing some sidey Tollywood number.
- My blue and black striped shirt
- That 100 rupee purple chappals
- Aol.
- The God of Small Things
- Nimbooz
- Bitter rich coffee
- Corner House Mocha Ice-cream
- Boca Grande
- Sitting and gaping at the beach
- The beautiful ring, from dad
- Swimming, forever and ever
- Salsa
- Surprises
- My Kohl pencil
- Burjee Pav (Mumbai)
- Cricket (Very recent addition)
- Kanfoundit & yetanotherbloomingblog


  1. Some of your favourites are mine even though they don't exactly belong to me, like your ring and the god of small things, kajal. xx

  2. get married :P I ll gift you the ring.. hehehe i sound like ur mom, no?