Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fattophobia - How to deal with it!

Doctor’s say, when you are depressed you tend to put on weight. But I say you are depressed because you are putting on weight!
Those who agree… say ‘AYE!’ Those who don’t are surely the ones who were born thin. Please stop reading this. It’s irrelevant to you. Ok, am just jealous.
Women/girls/even kids these days have one cold enemy they want to bash up at any point in their life. No, am not talking about men. It’s that annoying circular/square/elliptical/awful thing that shows our weight in numbers. Yes, the weighing machine.
First of all, let’s all get together and pray for the moron who invented that thing. May his soul get fried in hell.
My everyday routine is… well, hmmm… unnecessary here. However, I get into my office cab in the afternoon and this colleague starts her saga about how little she ate, how early she woke up, two hours of intense workout and how important it is to become slim. The salads to eat, the biryanis to avoid and many such things which make me feel terrible. Terrible about eating, terrible about not working out and super terrible about the additional 10 kg I carry on me. I get off the cab all depressed, too sad to concentrate on my surroundings. I look up and see the same colleague sneaking into the office with a cup of sinful Devil’s Own (chocolate + coffee + ice-cream + whipped cream + lots of other sins) hijacked from the neighboring coffee day and the depression vanishes. I mentally invite her to join my i-want-to-reduce-but-i-can’t-let-the-chocolate-go club.
When an annoying aunt tells me that I have OH MY GOD put on weight, when the shopkeeper reminds me that I am a plus size, when the tight pants, short shirt loafer on the road tells me that am fat – I understand the rage which caused humans to create something as devastating as the atom bomb. I would, if I had the brains.
Everyday I see people making fun of other’s being fat. Is it that big a sin?
Being fit is important; I have no doubts about that. But you don’t have to become an anorexic by denying yourself the pleasure of food. Gluttony is a sin, eating is not. The days when I have to enter the gym, I feel like the most depressed person on earth and curse the almighty and all his counterparts for making me a fat child.
My tip to all you women who are going through this struggle is one: Just do things that make you happy; do nothing else. Being happy is almost equal to feeling fit.
Don’t go to the gym if it depresses you. Here’s what I ve replaced my gym-time with:
Swim. It’s an out of the world feeling which brings so much peace to the mind and in the process makes you lose weight. I love it!
Skate. No, age is not an issue here. I have just started my skating classes. At 24, I don’t feel old for this. It gives you an immense sense of control over your body, makes you fearless, happy and lose weight. Look around at the kids skating besides you, energy and happiness will come to you naturally.
Dance. Its pure elation. If you are a sexy person, try salsa… If you are a freedom lover, try hip-hop. There are a so many dance forms. Take up weekend classes and see what magic it adds to your life and body.
When there are so many happy options, why go to the gym? However, if you are into exercising, working out in a gym or aerobics is good. I personally prefer the other fun options.
The trick is to eat right (chocolate included), sleep right and be happy. Avoid things that are taxing to your mind. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax… I am still working on this!
And always remember, its ok be fat as long as your are healthy. It only means that there will be more of you to be loved!


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  3. Eat Right Sleep Right Be Happy - that's what I am going to do now.
    Great Post

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