Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I click....

A little background..... chronological order...
P.S.G. College of Arts & Science, some month, 2007
Photography Class
Professor - Mr. Bojan

Bojan sir - "Monday is the last date for submission of your photography record for my rating. One whole year of breaking my head with you guys, and now the time has come! Let me see what you all have learnt. Except for an occasional (pleasing-for-the-eye types) student showing me an image he had shot, I haven't see any, ANY of you holding a camera. (not even helping a photographer friend who is loaded with a lot other stuff in his hand). This is the final warning. I want all your records on Monday. Is that clear?"

04BVC (My Class) - "Yeeeeeeeeessssss Sir!"

A dumber, fatter, sadder me got the shock of my life. I could write down to you on a paper what a camera looks like, how an aperture works, how quick or slow the shutter speed can get, what kind of shot you will get in what light, which film, how much light it will absorb, SLR, TLR and what not. Before you think what a genius I am, let me tell you.. Its very important to 'read between my lines'!

I could write it all. But to apply it practically.. hmmm nvm... ! I was a kickass student, but when it came to actually clicking a picture, I was the kind any photographer (even an amateur) would be tempted to kick on the ass at. So it was kind of natural for me to decide to stay away from a camera. I did. For a long time.

Oh! Bojan sir's record -- Lets not even get there. Fine... I ll just paraphrase and let you assume the rest of it. Friday night -- Orkut, friend's profile, Oh! that's a lovely picture of you neice.. can I borrow it? (Check) -- Saturday, Senior's record -- Wow! That's a killer pic, can I....? (check 2) -- Sunday, Some old family photographs -- I dint have to ask for permissions (check 3). Monday (the day!) -- At the printer's -- got the photo's printed -- Oh that's a classic glue, can I borrow it? (yes, I was THAT shameless!) -- Monday evening, Record submitted (PHEW!) Yeah... ok.. KILL ME!! :(

But, the biggest irony in my life came when I became a Photo Editor. Let me tell you people, good visual sense has nothing to do with you being a photographer. All it requires is a good sense of what looks nice and what doesnt, what is ordinary and what is extraordinary. Through experience, I am learning to make the difference.

Since a few weeks, I have been curious to test my photography skills. I clicked a few images two weeks ago. And I loved them. I thought it was good for a start. But, I had to convince myself that there is something wrong between me and photography (something like a miscommunication between two humans) The camera I used, got some weird virus and so... I lost all the images on the memory card. Yes! That hurt me.. Badly...!

But again.. I decided to unjinx the jinx and clicked a few shots last weekend. Average work. But, I will keep shooting and someday I might just click something worth looking at!

Here I start....

Kruti's flat... Beautiful Place... Simple, big enough, mostly white.
Time of the Day - Around 1 o clock in the night (wait... in the morning!)
Light - A zero watts bulb.
Prop - The basket kruti had very thoughtfully put up as a lamp shade. (in this case... a bulb shade)
Model - Shwet :) (ofcourse in her night clothes)
Photographer - ME! (Yes.. the super jinxed me)

Click 1: The picture on my Blog Header

Click 2:

Click 3:
Cheesy... But... hmmm...

Click 4:

Click 5:
Yeah that's me.... I think its called Self Portrait

PJs apart.... I am really serious about trying my hand at photography. For some weird reason, I get the feeling that once I get the basics right, I might just be a good photographer. (Maybe am being too ambitious!)

That's all for now. More of my trials (and errors) to follow! :)


  1. my bulb shade indeed looks good...hehe. n also good shot at goin click click sowm!

  2. Thank you :) I ll try n click more stuff whenever I can!

  3. I love the entry!.. the model is just amazing!.. Ahem... not the self portrait one... What style!.. what Grace!... What hands!!

    And Bhojan sir's piece... Wow!... I'd forgotten!.. also u could have said.. we all helped!!

    You forgot to mention your "Shake" special photography back then...

  4. Run, Forrest, run. Click, Sowmya, click.

    click 3 <<<<<<< i'm lovin' it.