Friday, May 1, 2009

I go pubbing...

Before I let you visualize my day and experience, I d like you to know of the three theories I derived that night.

Theory 1:
For some people, dance comes naturally (natural dancers)and for others naturally dance comes!(people who dance based on the nature of their surroundings)
Either ways, dancing is natural!
Theory 2:
Darkness tempts.
It lets one do anything that one was afraid or shy of doing when the lights were on. You can let your thoughts wander, I meant EVERYTHING!
Theory 3:
Its vital to be important even if you are a nobody.
Traffic police is a nobody, but he is important
That was a lame example. Lemme try something better.. hmmm... hmmm...
Your stakeholder at workplace is a nobody. But, he is important.

Fine.. whatever... chuck it!

The Trio:
It was the night out for three substantially different women, KK, SN and SS (me). Three different worlds, three different views and three different walks of life.
As the night grew, a thought hit me. The three of us, although different, portray three different stages and styles of womanhood!

KK - like the sand. Easy to grab a fistful but the tighter your hold gets, the more you lose out on her!
SN - Like the wind compressed in an air tight container. Once the lid opens, no handcuffs can hold onto her!
SS - will add later!

The night:
Spacious surroundings, lit strategically (so that people can loosen themselves and not be exposed :) - Theory 2), Loud music and lots of people.
The amount of drinking and smoking around me was inversely proportional to the clothes of the women there. It was a combination of opposites.
(abundant x scarce)
Music changes... Tempo rises...

I want to fly so high.. over the rainbow ...
(CH) So o o High!

KK is a natural dancer. SS belongs to the second category. I try out my salsa basics (that's all about the dancing I know of). SN loved to just sit and watch the show.

Then here comes a dude, who later got introduced as BI. He had company, CI & SD (that's all I remember of)
Oh! not to forget an annoying baldi. We danced!

BI.. hmmm... for salsa music, salsa! hip hop, hip hop! Jive, jive! scottish bla bla bla, scottish bla bla bla!

"Are you a trained dancer" I ask.
"No, just happened to learn. From childhood I ve been dancing", BI (LIAR!!!)

So yeah... BI led us with a few steps, we followed! The night went on till 12 AM.

The dinner offer:

BI shocked us. KK looked at me, I looked at her, then both of us looked at him.
So we go for dinner. Good company, nice talk, good food, went on till 2.

BI - The more you know, the more you dislike.
CI - Good. But you don't want to know.
SD - Hmmm... the more you think of, the more you like. :) He was unanimously verdict ed 'good' by the trio! way to go dude!

Uff... that was a long night.

A good dancing session, interesting strangers, never before daring experience. Peace....


  1. Ummmm.. (close your eyes Sowmya... bad news :) here goes....

    I felt there's something about the disclaimer-bullet-points-without-the-bullets-synopsis style writing that's a total yawn to read. You are not filing an FIR here... just couldn't shake off that atmosphere of writing a forced confession at gunpoint feeling in the whole post.

    There are glimpses of the characters here and there. But your analysis of them are all over and way more prominent. As a reader, I wouldn't be too interested in your opinion of them unless I formed one of MY own FIRST. Its like me going on and on power point style about the features of my cool new watch that can change me into a frog and back. You wouldn't give two hoots about the damn thing!! Now imagine you have the watch too :) I'm sure you would read through and maybe even be provoked to leave a comment with what you think of the watch, etc. That's because you had an opinion on the watch and could relate to what you had read.

    Unless you are talking about celebs that someone can relate to (because of their popularity), your running commentary on complete strangers without introducing them properly to the readers is as interesting as railway announcements :)

    "BI shocked us. KK looked at me, I looked at her, then both of us looked at him.
    So we go for dinner. Good company, nice talk, good food, went on till 2."

    - What was that? Morse Code? It gave me imaginary goosebumps!! Brrr... and I don't even wanna start with the newly discovered 3 theories of yours :P

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  3. Ok... certain things I want to know and certain others I want you to know:

    "I felt there's something about the disclaimer.....gunpoint feeling in the whole post."

    Hmmm.. interesting way of looking at it. But, what was so yawny about it? N FIR? (no comments!) I write as I think Sony. And my thoughts are not channeled. They keep wandering quite a bit. So I find it feasible to bullet it. I dont want my readers to wander around as it could be a whole new roller coaster ride feeling for them! So, I prefer it channeled and not chronological. I am strictly against writing things as it happened. I like to write it the way its stored in my memory.

    "There are glimpses of the characters here and there.....That's because you had an opinion on the watch and could relate to what you had read.

    It was MY day and MY experiences Sony. So, isn't it obvious that the descriptions and viewpoints are mine too? Its upto u to accept my characters or not. But, when my characters are the vital part of that night, what's wrong if their descriptions are prominent. How else do I tell my reader what I thought about the people I went out with? And yeah.. how many times my character farts in a day is not my concern and I dont want my readers to know that either.

    And abt the watch bit... If u are describing ur cool new watch and I am reading your blog, I would pay attention to what you are saying. That's my only way of understanding how cool or bad your watch is.

    "BI shocked us. KK looked at me, I looked at her, then both of us looked at him....
    - What was that? Morse Code? It gave me imaginary goosebumps!!"

    What did u not understand? wasn't it easy to read between these lines? Or are you the kind of person who likes things to be on your face?
    If yes: "BI shocked us. He asked KK if he could take us all out for dinner. She dint know what to say. So she looked at me and asked. I dint know what to say too. BI then looked at both of us for an answer, and we said yes. So we went for dinner!" Really? It makes a difference? if yes... what difference? U might ve needed to put in a bit of effort to read between the lines. But, isn't is on-your-face enough?

    "Brrr... and I don't even wanna start with the newly discovered 3 theories of yours :P"

    Hmmm.. again.. its my blog.. I have a way of writing. Its not abt what you want, its more about what I have with me, to give you.
    Like... People adore Paulo Coelho, but I dont want to read him. Khalid Hussaini is what i want to read. So, if I dont want Coelho, its my problem. He has his own way of writing. If I dont want, then I dont read. Isn't that the way it should be? This one comment, I think is baseless.

    These are what I felt!

  4. huh!! good experience gurl!!

    Keep posting!!!
    Good, to read your posts!!!

    Keep blogging!

  5. hey ...honestly i loved ur posts cos thy r for the common people to read and i feel that u really dont need to have a structure to penning down ur feelings. keep bogging dear....

  6. Thanks Pabi... :)

    And thank you Nithya. I will keep blogging :))

  7. Ok first of all nobody has memories or thoughts in a chronological order or as it happens.. not even a Computer! Its all random, which is all fine, because its your own unique randomness. So when you vomit that out for a reader, it takes a certain style and wit to intertwine them into an entertaining piece of write up.

    To chop the long story short, I thought your style of expressing the experience through this medium failed on a vary basic front. Correct me if I'm wrong; from what I understand, the novelty in this experience were the characters that you had a good time with. From that perspective I found too little information to reveal six individual characters and I really don't think its being communicated through telepathy or something. You probably have all the characters well defined in your head, but not to a stranger. Hence your comments on them will hardly matter to a reader who does not know them.

    So what happens is you will not make a connection with your reader like this. It would be a strain to read and eventually they will just walk away. Ask a stranger (who doesnt know you) to read it and see what they thought about it... its far more valuable than praises from friends :)

  8. I could imagine your expressions, KK's and yours :) because I know you. Reading between lines is definitely better than spelling it out.
    It was interesting for me to read.. but in places I had to fill in more blanks than I would normally.
    I 'think' that's what Sony meant too :)

  9. yeah I understand.. I am trying at writing better :) Let's see if it works ;)

  10. I heard abt this night from some one .. :-) .. so was very easy to visualize ur writing .. ..

    Keeep blogging and post more snaps ..

  11. Thanks :) not sure if i know u? who is this? and from whom did u hear about the night?

  12. You know me .. but you don't know me .. :) .. from whom did i hear , lets leave the question as question he he ..

  13. Gotcha! I know who this is.... The person who told you about me, had mentioned u to me too :P

  14. He he .. Short life span of “Unidentified Identity” ... !!!