Thursday, September 17, 2009

25 little things I want to do before I leave Bangalore..

1. Click a picture from the top of Jayadeva Flyover. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I want to do it. Everytime am on a bus or auto and I am on the top of the flyover, I look down and sigh. Its quite a sight from above, at night. I see thousands of vehicles vrooming and their lights form unabatable patterns which I want to click. I have always wished I had a two wheeler standing on which I can capture that bit of experience, which I ll cherish forever!

2. I want to go to Nandi Hills and see the sunrise. It will be the first big sunrise I ll see in my life. (not too sure of the future)

3. Go for one of those underground salsa clubs and dance like its the last day of my life. I have enacted out this one experience a zillion times in my head already. Am sure reality will be way more sensous!

4. Wonderla - yes. I want to go to there and spend one crazy day.

5. Dress up in a proper ghagra choli (with the accessories and all that) and play dandiya in one of those rajasthani places.

6. Have a movie day - watch as many movies I can in one day. In a theatre. And no, I am not talking about 3 shows. I want to watch 5 (or more)! Now how I will do it, is beyond my understanding.

7. Attend a crazy Bollywood night. No, not the one where they play all remixes. I want to go to a place where they still play the super cheesy 'mere khwabon mein' n all that.

8. LEARN TO SWIM. Yes. I want to do it before I step out of Bangalore.

9. Go wall climbing. yes. I. will. do . it. No matter what.

10. Shop. Shop. Shop (just cant get enough of this :P) - M.G Road, commercial Street, Jayanagar 4th block....

11. Get caught by a cop. The karnataka cops intrigue me. I want to know if thy can accuse someone, in english. I will make sure that I dont let them know I understand Kannada. :)

12. Fight with an auto driver. Yes, could never make myself do it. Preferably in Kannada.

13. Converse fluently in Kannada.

14. Learn to drive and then ride a bike. Preferably, an avenger :) (In my case, definitely not an easy task)

15. Sit facing the back of the bike and go for a long crazy ride, on the koramangala roads..

16. Travel in the same BMTC bus from 10 AM - 10 PM.

17. Go trekking. Yes, the last time I went to Coorg, I was such a depressed soul. I missed out on the fun trek. Want to compensate -- with all my heart.

18. Participate and win in one of those competitions happening in forum. Irrespective of what it is about. Singing, tongue twisters.. anything.

19. Play basketball. The last time I played it in Garuda Mall (on a miniature court), I LOVED It!

20. Get wet in the cold bangalore rains. Eat ice creams. Shiver. Fall sick. Sleep cozy. Suffer through the night. Wake up. Get going!

21 to 25 - will be updated...


  1. Hey Sowmya,

    Most on this list seems withing your grasp, my suggestion would be to just go ahead and start doing one thing after the other on your list because if you put it away for later you just might not come around to do it.

    my list of 100 things to do before i die are much more crazier but i have managed to complete a few and now i have gone and lost my list and have to write a new one all over again ... any suggestions ?

  2. Prem! yeah... most of these are do-able... N yes, I plan to do two things a week n finish these off. Then I ll make a new list :)

    N heyy.. I have a list of 101 things to do in life too :P I thought I was the only silly person around. Welcome to the club! That list is super crazy! Bungee jumping, River rafting, ohhh gondolas... grand canyon skywalk, sleep in a cave - beside a campfire, whistle at a guy (hah) Drive an auto. haha so many things!! I need to list it down!! :) If you havent done any of these, u can take them as my suggestion!

  3. i dont think u will be filling up 21-25. U had promised to edit/update Podi blog and neva did it. Thats the only thing i hate about ur blog.

  4. Sabs! hmmm.. am gonna take tat as a personal challenge and complete all the blogposts that require updation!! :P