Thursday, September 24, 2009

Situation - Cold night. Heavy rain. Good shelter in a petrol bunk. More stranded people for company :) A mobile in hand and a girl on the other end of the sms.

He: Bit romantic ok. I would dream being with a girl. Ofcourse whom I like. And a peg of whiskey.. And a cigarette. Romance with the lady. Have a sip of whiskey, have a drag.. again romance.. Goes on.. Till the rain stops ;0D
She: On the romantic lines - sit real close to him, hold hands, lie on his shoulder and enjoy the rain with a good conversation.
He: In that case, I could be an option :) You can hold my hand.. Lie on my shoulder and enjoy the rain. Meanwhile, I ll do my part.. Ha ha..
She: :) thanks for the offer. Someday if the need arises, I will consider the offer. But then, I mite not like to be loved in line with alcohol and cigars.
He: If at all the time comes and you consider the offer, then I will trash alcohol and cigar :)

.....and so the converastion went on. :)

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