Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everytime am in an elevator, even if I have friends (with whom I can chat) around, all I do is religiously look up at the lift display and see everytime I pass through a floor. That action of mine is not going to speedup the process of moving between floors, nor is it going to prolong it. Then why do I do it?

(One of those things that makes me wonder so much about myself)

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  1. There is a theory that your aura, when it comes in close proximity with someone elses aura, either makes you comfortable or disgusted (or maybe something in between). That will be evident when a single person comes close to you. But when multiple auras mingle in a confined space (like in an elevator), its too much information and my theory is that its trying to cope up with this by silencing everything around and focusing on a predictable pattern (like the elevator screen)... much like meditation.

    Its like you are hearing 3-4 songs together in the same volume and trying to differentiate one song from the other :)