Thursday, February 18, 2010

Half-done things prick me.
I cannot leave a place for the last time without the knowledge that I ll never go back there again. I need to go back, to complete.
I cannot give away my last kiss without the knowledge that I ll never kiss again. I need to know and kiss, to complete.
I cannot let go without the knowledge that am actually letting it go. I need to hold, realize and then let go. To complete.

And when I don't complete, I am a mad woman bit by a rabid dog. God bless my eternally-restless soul.


  1. So true!! Its very difficult to live with the fact that you've been debarred from someone's life without your knowledge ... it totally unfair ... when 2 ppl decide to get into a relationship ... both have a say in it ... one cannot decide when to end without the knowledge of the other ... its just incomplete!!

    U've expressed it really well...n ofcourse needless to mention dat am a fan of ur writing :-) :-) :-)

  2. Thats touching Som.. it happens with everyone.. n more often with ppl to whom u mean a lot n u love them too but never got a chance to express what u feel before it was too late n u never get that chance again.. thats even more killing.. God writes all kinds of pains in ppl's lives.. if u believe in destiny and did the best thing at every opportunity in life.. there's no reason to be restless about.. love urself.. u r wonderful.. Oh my God, I'm getting senti here! :)

  3. sharu - debarred. hmmm... good word. Yes, it is unfair. But that's the way life is. isnt it? :)
    Sush - Yes, I believe in the goodness in me. I ll be fine. Every opportunity, I ve tried my best to be good, i think :)

  4. btw.. I was talking about my granny whom I lost when I was in school.. I always ignored her, never made her feel that I love her, and one day I realize that I can't even see her again. That was painful.. it pricks me even now. I had the same feeling that time.. 'if only i knew it was my last day with her'..ur post reminded me of that.. plz ignore if this topic was inappropriate here.

  5. i ve had a similar experience too... my granny..damn I was really mean by ignoring her.. n the day she died, that was the time i cried the most in my life. I d ve killed anyone to get one more chance to be with her. Hmmm, late realizations are dangerous!