Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's in a name?

It was an easy arrangement. He had a girlfriend. She knew he wasn't for her..

But they loved talking to each other. Buddies. Maybe that's the word. No. Not just buddies. They were not kids. Adults. And so was their relationship.

A relationship of convenience, you could call it.

They were friends, when they wanted to be.
They were co-philosopher's, when life throttled either of them.
They were lovers when there was the need.
Physical? Maybe yes. True love? Maybe yes. Time-pass? Maybe yes. Soul-mates? Maybe yes.

He spoke. She listened. She spoke. He tried to listen.

The past dint mean much, the future was better unknown. The present was what that mattered.

She did not know what was in his head. He had no idea what she was thinking. They just spoke. Strangers? Maybe.

They spun webs of an imaginary world. A world where they would be with each other. A paradise where nothing was wrong.

Dreamers? Maybe.

They wanted to know how it feels to be with each-other. To hold. To kiss. To look. To live.

Wishful thinkers? Maybe.

It was all easy, until they tried to coin a name for what was happening between them.

Lovers? Not quite.
Friends? Not at all.
Soul-mates? No
Strangers? Never
Nothing? Maybe yes.

The arrangement was not so easy after-all. Isn't it?

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