Thursday, August 26, 2010

A smell that lasts forever

The whole wide world made to feel just a handful by connecting all humans (and few weird animals) through just one big web, the whole of that web contained within a tiny mobile phone -- Well, I have no reasons to not believe in the power of the human brain which conceives such technologies.

I decided to jot down my personal 'I want this technology' wish-list. (Bear with me!)
A magic wand which would pull perfect clothes for me from my misused/miskept wardrobe, everyday
A mind reader which would tell me what that hot guy sitting on the other table is thinking about me
An internal magnet which would (fatally) attract him towards me
A thermometer to measure the jealousy quotient that will pass through my friends when I break the news to them...
Well... I have to admit, I can get greedy and illogical at (most) times.

Amidst such unreasonable wishes, I do have a fair demand.

A smell recorder - yes, the one that will record all my favorite smells into a chip which I can carry around wherever I go! More often, in my case, a person's smell is more memorable than their face or the times I have spent with them.

Fresh smell of rain brings back memories of a backpack trip to Coorg with friends. Without a shoe to do the trek, without a jacket to fight the cold. Ah, the peace the place bears. Ah, the smell!

The strong fragrance of the room freshener brings along with it strong memories of Trivandrum. First time living alone, first time being alone. Ah, the boredom. Ah, the smell!

The nostril filling smell of elaichi while being added into boiling payasam fills my heart with memories of mom. The Onam, the vishu, the family. Ah, all that love. Ah, the smell!

The 'chill'y smell of ice cubes bring tears as it reminds me of him. His touch was so cold. Makes me smile as well :) Ah, him! Ah, the smell!

Smell of cigarettes invoke in me the memory of being surrounded by drunken and doped idiots at the Bangalore Oktoberfest with Indian Ocean braying in the background. Ah, the irritation. Ah, the smell!

The smell of Sandalwood fills my heart with the face of my favorite uncle. Ah, the care. Ah, the smell!

I want that recorder. Now. To record the smell of my mother's sweat (yes, I adored it as a kid), the odor of my favorite old book, Bangalore rains, and so many such special smells ...

When the years pass by, the old book might wear off, bangalore might have bid farewell to me, my mother could be oceans apart - but the recorder will remain close to my heart. Every-time I inhale my favorite smell from the recorder, a favorite memory would cross my mind bringing along with it flashes of the years and the people that passed by. I will never forget my life. I will never grow old :)

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