Monday, August 26, 2013

Auto troubles

Everyday is a struggle with the Bangalore rickshaw waalas. All of a sudden I feel like an idiot for not knowing how to ride or drive. I miss cab comfort. 

While the driver is chilling, I am still breathing in and out to let go off the anger. The anger for having to walk around for 20 minutes on an average everyday to get a Rick guy who will drop me at Shanti Nagar. They barely agree to come. And then I change my tactic and say 'Lanford Town?' instead. Langford town is just as same as Shanti Nagar, just a more British name. That's all. After 10 no's for Shanti Nagar, finally one guy agrees to come to Langford town. Then he goes -

'Alli Thumba traffic iratthey. 20 rupees extra kodi' 

Dude, which part of Bangalore doesn't have traffic at 10 in the morning? 
I didn't cause the traffic. Why is it my fault? Why am I paying the price for Bangalore traffic?

This is the morning scene. 8 PM scene makes me want to cry out in rage. After 45 minutes of walking towards my house, one guy finally agrees to come. But says 'Vaapas empty baru beku. 30 rupees extra kodi' (Have to come back alone. Give me 30 rupees extra). In my head I bang that moron's head a million times, but I say okay. I get off 6 km after and give him a 100 rupees note. 

All the way I wonder if I should pack my running shoes to work. Might as well jog back home. Atleast I'll lose some weight and save myself some high BP trouble.

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