Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello New Job!

First of all, I am not used to working with simple, sane people. I've only had madness, craziness, and i-dont-what-else-ness around me all the time. Last 5 years at Aol was all about giggling and working, in that order.

So, I want exactly that now. People around me - Enough with the niceness, get crazy already! Three days is sufficient time.

I picked out a window seat. My dietitian would be happy because of all that Vitamin D I am getting. Mom might get sad because there's a high chance that I will get darker. Well, I am just glad that I have a good view. This view thingy might not necessarily be a great thing - more often that not, I find myself gaping at the traffic down under.

As for the job - I am getting paid to watch movies. Yes, that's right. Day 1 was Being Cyrus. Day 2 was Aa Dekhen Zara. As I type, it's Houseful (Kill me!)

Typically you wouldn't find me watching a Bollywood movie even when it's pouring outside and my TV is showing only one channel. I'd simply switch off the TV and sleep or read (Note to self: Read More..) or just day dream. No Bollywood for me.

And this nasty thing called Life with a wicked sense of humor, hands me a job that's all about Bollywood. Why did I pick it? I am a Sagittarian. I am hopelessly optimistic. I am looking forward to a near future when I'd be working only on Hollywood movies instead. If that doesn't happen, this job is not for me. We'll see about that in the days to come.

For now, I am glad. Life seems to be going fine. I am greedy. I want to learn so many new things. In a year's time, I want everything mediocre to end. And only greatness to prevail. Mediocre is no fun. I want this, that, those and... everything.

In the list of my sins, I am moving Greed to first position. Next is Gluttony, inevitably.


Is anybody reading this space anymore?


  1. I just found your blog, and it makes for good, bare-hearted, light-on-the-soul reading. I'll be checking it more often