Monday, April 27, 2009

I go One, Two, Three, Pause, Five, Six, Seven, Next....

"Salsa, is simple. Very simple to comprehend", said Sridhar. I should have read Jeeva's smug look better!

Jeevadhara... Jeeva..Hot & Happening with a fine touch of feminity, a feature long lost in many other women here. Expressionless face, sweetness in place, Jeeva will remain carved in my memory as the very first person who taught me to dance, the very first I remember of.

Lesson 1: No Swaying! (huh? but... but.. whaaT?? :()
Lesson 2: Upper body as stiff as can get. At any point of the dance, when measured, both shoulders should be in a straight line. (I gulped down one big mouthful of air. G-U-L-P!!)
Lesson 3: Women always give men their space. Ahem! what Jeeva actually meant was... While dancing.. Women's right foot always goes back, thereby accommodating her partner's left foot.
Lesson 4: GET the basics right!

Studio 5678's interior is chic. Two sides of the four walls are mirror slabs. The third side is painted the color of blueberry.YAY! (yes, that's my favorite color and hence the excitement!). With me and the studio, it was love at first sight. So, thus started our weekend affair :)

First Day - I learn my basics!
Next Day - I forget everything. Am blank!
I try again in my bathroom. No luck. (waaaahh :'()

Thanks to Jeeva's amazing patience. I learn the basics, all over again.

Back to Shreedhar (or sreedar or sridhar)
Tiny little fellow.. Great things come in small packages. Now I am convinced where that came from!

One minute he is dressed like some hip hop star, A XXXL T shirt (ofcourse, he swims in it) and a Cap.

He goes... Bend your body.. One two three.. jump jump jump (please try and get the rhythm right in your head people) four five six.. jump back back back..

Next minute, he's wearing a T-Shirt his size (thank god!)
He goes... Upper body stiff. basic... one two three pause five six seven next!

Even machine guns take an extra 5 minutes to reload. But, this guy always hits the road running!

Confrontation with Srithar:

Am sure even Wooster would ve had some super embarrasing moments that Jeeves himself was unaware of. Same way, I will also keep this confrontation ('Your basics are all wrong!' 'This way, u ll never learn salsa' 'This, is, NOT, Salsa') in the dark!

Next class... few more people join my club.

Srither - 'Salsa is simple. Very simple to comprehend'
Jeeva - Same smug look
Me - Yeah right!!!


  1. Ummm... not quite there yet. But as the crooked corporate minions would say : "You have potential" :)

  2. SONY!! I cant believe it! did u say tat? or someone forced u to? Thanks anyways! :)

  3. I did not know that a girl sitting quitely in the corner of the HIPHOP CLASS had so much going in her brain ....... Its an amazing and pleasant surprise. Yes Sowmya, you are absolutely correct about Jeeva and Sridhar ( Sreedhar ..... Shridhar ....... ) yet I feel that there is much that you can write on the class. As its three months now ..... willing to see more beauty of thoughts generated by the way of two eyes, a sound mind and a beautiful artistic heart of Sowmya.