Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore

I had my first ever Bangalore shopping experience when I visited Jayanagar 4th Block with my friend Shweta, a year back. I was in awe at what I got to see. Trendy (atleast in my standards :P) sandals for 100 bucks, Kurtha's worth 100-150 rupees, name it and you get it all for 100 bucks.

My first take was/were
1. 100 rupees was too much money
2. I suddenly got too rich cos I could manage to have a few hundreds with me,
3. Jayanagar still worked in an era where 1000s were never there.
4. The shopkeepers were big hearted generous people
5. Bangalore was cheap!

Well, my take after a year here is/are:
1. 100 rupees is equal to no money
2. I am still poor
3. 1000s are in. 100s were out LONG back!
4. Nonsense
5. f#%k off!

So yes.. back to 4th Block. There's a lot to see in this place. Could work well as a day's outing if your are a first. :P
Last Friday, I took my sister there for a bit of shopping. Since I went in the late evening, It got dark soon. I wasnt too lucky, but still I managed to click a few shots!

There s a big Market Area within the BDA complex in 4th Block where you find a LOT of interesting stuff. Here are a few:

This was a quite a veiw! A few hundreds of soft toys, teddys and winnies and tigers, were put together as a huge heap in one store. I was quite tempted to jump in pretending to be a part of some LIVE Treasure Hunt program running on TV. No, I dint jump in!

Some nice Jasmine garlands.

Oh did I forget to mention that you find everything in 4th Block? yes, EVERYTHING! Even God... This is a Pooja Samagrahi (Pooja Items) store.

A rajasthani looking doll was put up in between hundreds of Bandini dupattas.

Another flower shop with more 'in vogue' flowers -- Roses, Gerberas, Orchirds. Beautiful!

More to come...........


  1. Good yaar ........ I must say that sometimes your camera makes an add to ur words. I

  2. And yes, I had already said that you are expressive in words, Now can u try to write a blog with pics only to explain a complete stuff.

  3. Don't you mean "I Jayanagar"? Hahahahahahaha :P

    That was dumb by the way!