Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Heart Sundays! :)

Weekend AHOY!! (Pictorial tit-bits of my day)

I woke up early on Sunday (very strangely) I was reading and day dreaming and all that... while I was waiting for Shwet to appear.... She did... sometime in the afternoon... So what happened next?

We go for lunch -- Flavors of China, BTM

I like the light which falls on Shwet and I click it immediately. Now I wish the light was a bit more louder...

While I wait for my food....

(No... I was not stalking guys... no no no.. I was learning how to... take a picture :P)

And the food arrives... Yummy YUMMY fried rice!

I indulge.....

(courtesy: Shweta Anand) You thought I ate and drank the whole of what you see in the pic? Well.. that was exactly shwet's intention!

And then we go to my Salsa Class...

Jack -- as happy as ever :)

(courtesy: Shweta Anand)

Jeeva and Shri (teachers) show us how its done!

(courtesy: Shweta Anand)

And I follow....

(courtesy: Shweta Anand)

After almost two hours of spinning, spinning and more spinning, myself and shwet head back home -- She with a happy head (coz of all the pics she clicked), me with a reeling head (after all that spinning)...

Now you know why I love sundays :)

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  1. I feel the fried rice was very little for a sunday Meal and no idea about salsa.