Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salsa is fun... Good Good fun :)

Monday - Day 1, Loads of work and managing it! [5 more days to go :"(]
Tuesday - Day 2, Reports and work... [4 more days to go :'(]
Wednesday - Day 3, Meeting and work [3 more days to go :(]
Thursday - Day 4, Another meeting and work [2 more day to go :)]
Friday - Day 5, Friday blues and yellows and greens and.. work (I more day to go :P)
Saturday & Sunday - Dance classes. YAY YAY YAY!! :)))))

Yes.... I wait for it all throughout the week!

Gaurav & Jeeva, Doc & Me

Photographs: Kruti Kothari

Shridhar can get quite funny. Shri, Raj, Myself and Ravi enjoying a joke while dancing (No prizes for guessing that I was the joke there.. hhmmpph!)

(Will update this post as and when I get the time :))

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