Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She: ooooo..... losing weight han!
Me: Really (one big spark on my face) Thanks! blush blush
She: So tell me... who is he?
Me: eh? he? who?
She: The inspiration.
Me: eh?
She: uff.. who is the inspiration factor behind this weight loss?
Me: errr...emm.. my jeans?

hah! :P


  1. just how much poetic license is allowed when writing one's own blog, huh? jeans, yeah right!

  2. haha! that s the answer that came into my mind. But, as always, it dint make its way to u :) N hey... its all fair in blogs :P

  3. how did u get to read this so quickly? U on my gchat list is it? i dint realise :P

  4. Guess jeans makers also have their limitations :P... he he..

  5. mephistofilis - yup, and everytime I go to buy a jeans, this fact annoys me ;)