Thursday, September 9, 2010

Breast Cancer - Be Aware!

A friend sitting next to me is reading articles on Chemotherapy, her mother having diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer has been growing in for a while now. Her mother's hesitation prevented an early discussion with any of her children. The disease is now spread to other organs as well. What could have been avoided at a premature state is now taking a toll in their lives. The mother is going through pain, the daughter is helpless. The son is running around shuttling between issues and life.

I hereby request every daughter or son to please please please take their mothers for a checkup asap. The checkup doesn't take time and it will do you a world of good to be in the knowing.

Cancer is not for mothers (or anybody for that matter). They are too delicate and loved to go through that pain.


  1. Ya Sowmya.. you are so very right.. thanks for spreading the word for the good... :)

  2. i agree sou.. been 3 episodes in my life 2 with my friends'mom and 1 my grandmom.. its painful