Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Rumblings

Salsa happened very unceremoniously. I just walked in one day and started with the classes. Loved every bit of it. I somehow found the courage to dance in front of atleast 20 other people. I was an awful dancer, I still am. But that dint stop me from doing what I loved. That period was so much fun. Every Monday I waited for the Saturday, and every Saturday I woke up early just because I was too excited. I wouldn't miss classes for anything in the world. I miss that urge now. I want it back.
Start salsa classes again - Note to self

Cooking was something I grew up hating. I hated every bit of it. But now things have changed. I love it. There is no other feeling that can replace the elation you live when a meal you cooked or a cake you baked turns out to be good. I love trying new stuff and everytime I open the lid of the vessel or the cooker to see how my masterpiece looks like, I can easily pass off as the happiest woman alive.
Cook more and, more often - Note to self

Whenever there is a man in my life, I find myself being very very unhappy. Not because they are bad. It's just that the knot brought along with it many many issues and at the end of the day I am overwhelmed with frustration. The sunshine in me dies out. Love makes me unhappy.
If you know you are absolutely undoubtedly incapable of doing something, quit trying. There is no point - Note to self

Swimming is a recent craze. I love it with all my heart. An hour of it makes me feel so peaceful, nothing in the world matters.
Swim daily or atleast 4 times a week - Note to self

I like to paint... although am very bad at it. A chart paper and some watercolors can suddenly add meaning to the hour I spend on it. Maybe I should get better at this and in the process spend time sensibly.
Learn to paint - Note to self

I want to learn to climb walls and build the stamina to trek. I know this would mean gymming, which is by far the only only only activity i HATE in my life. But then while I look at the big picture, it feels worthwhile.
Check with Kan and just do it! - Note to self

I like crochet, once I actually sit to do it. The initial motivation is what is required.
Learn to make a beautiful crochet top - Note to self

Find a new job. The current one is growing on me. It no longer motivates me to get out of the bed in the morning. Time for a nicer change.
Look look look - Note to self

With so much to do, what am I rumbling about?


  1. Salsa...sounds fun...but cooking, fun, not if you got to do it every day in a hurry!

  2. i agree so much to cooking and men in life.. as far as dance is concerned been always a passion... never gt a chance to lrn salsa tho... wanted to.. J of u in caps bold and inverted comas

  3. Nalini - :) I am starting to understand that 'in-hurry' cooking bit!
    Nithya - :) you can all of this, you know. Salsa especially... U should!