Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About being particular

I always thought myself to be the kind that is never particular about anything. But on paying close attention, I realize that there are these little things I am very particular about. Like:

I am annoyed when I don't get to have cornflakes in 'my' pink bowl. I like my coffee best when its served in the round glass

I am pissed off when my ipod runs of energy during my morning walk to the bus stop. I am very very particular that I walk with music, no matter who is accompanying me. So next time you walk with me and find me all fidgety, please don't judge. I am not crazy, nor do I hate your company. I just need my music, no matter what.

This guy I was dating once asked me 'Are you sure about your dance classes? I could meet you at 4' -- I hated him instantly. Ofcourse am sure, you moron.

I am too particular about completing things I signed up for. It could be just a phone call I said I'd return or a promise I promised.

SO many little things matter so much to me, I let the big things pass. Which to me is a good thing :)

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