Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There's in me this new born eagerness to eat tasty food. Not craving, but the urge. Like how some people would want to travel to far away places, read awesome books and things like that. I want to taste variety of delicious food. I love the way the pepper sauce chicken steak melted in my mouth, giving new life to each of my taste-buds. It was gastronomic orgasm, at its best. From then on I am attracted towards the hidden taste in each food item. Everything is tasty and I let myself swim in that moment of glory. For someone who ate just to fill her stomach, I now relish every single bite. I am loving this!

Food to die for: Chicken steak in pepper sauce
Where to find it? Boca Grande, Koramangala, Opp. Bethany High School.

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