Thursday, April 9, 2009

I contemplate…

As I lie here in my claustrophobic second heaven, on my bedbug prone mattress, a sudden realization strikes…. I am simultaneously thinking of three things – three essential phases of my life, at just the same time! No, I am not aiming at a biography, am just… let’s say... thinking…

So what are the three things?

A yesterday – slightly insufficient resources, deadlines to meet, I stand, a few years back, gnawing at the scarcities of life, frowning at the then present, dreaming of the tomorrow (which now, is today). End of thing 1.

The present – resources are sufficient, deadlines can be dealt with, I stand, here today, wishful thinking of life, missing the unsatisfactory-yet-weirdly-fulfilling yesterday, wondering again about the tomorrow. A tomorrow yet to come. End of thing 2.

A Tomorrow – Let me confirm on things here. I am no prophet to prophecy a tomorrow yet to come. But, I am now (in this present day), a believer with the aptitude to design a tomorrow, tailor-made to suit my preferences.
Ok back to thing 3. Resources are abundant, I decide the deadlines for others to follow. I stand, a few years later, tasks accomplished, dreams fulfilled, life well lived! End of thing 3 (please note that there is no period after this phase. Like I mentioned earlier, the tomorrow is tailor-made, the tailor being myself. I have not decided to complete my masterpiece, yet.

Story telling is an art, which like any other kid, I tried to learn from fables. So ideally, my story should have a moral too.

Moral of the story:

Three figments of one’s lifetime melt together, only to grow out as one other big figment of one’s wildest imagination. I call it ‘Life’

So from now on, when I say, I me myself, I actually mean – ‘The then I, the now me and the later myself’ :)


  1. What crap is this? I-Me-Myself... the yesterday-today-tomorrow prophecy wildest imagination figment of life tailor made tailor coconuts man... coconuts!!

    Big mistake sending me your blog link.... kekekeke :)

  2. What rubbish!! sowmya, i thought it was a brilliant piece of work. u keep improving by the day! Although i didnt quite like the 'I call it life' part (but of course, im all for cheesiness). Lets shoot Sony.

  3. Hmph... why don't the both of you elope to a cheese factory! you can have better cheese coconuts there :)

  4. Sony... F OFF!!! I ll break your neck if i see u anywhere close to my blog anytime.!!! Ever heard of constructive criticism?? Ass!

  5. Waaahahahahahahaha!! I shall contemplate on construction materials next time :P

  6. very much.. am so o full of love for him now that i can eat him up raw!!! the WHOLE of him!!!