Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Enter Bengaluru - Dreams and days are like fastcars here. You never know how fast they flyby!

A no-drama welcome (People please don't think that I am making a statement here. No, I am not! I am complaining. I expected an extremely dramatic entry into the city I saw in my dreams for god knows how long!)

For a reason I am not comfortable explaining, I hated Bangalore the very first day. (Yes! I hated my own dream city. Over time, i had conceived in my head, little by little, a whole big world of mine in this city only to later realize that there was no such world awaiting me)
I blended in (I had no choice actually)

Why so many brackets after every tiny sentence? wondering? Well.. another note about myself -
"My 10 words reach the person I am talking to, the remaining 100 are always.. on the way". The braces contain the 'on the way' words.

Ok.. back to 'The City'

The first thing I see.... I just dint fit here. Pony-tailed, salwar-clad, plumpy, no-makeup, no hype, no excitement, no on-your-face attitude - yeah, that was me! An absolute contradiction to this forever HOT and HAPPENING city!

The next train? (But where is the railway station?)
The next bus? (Duh... find a travel agent first)
Kill? (myself or others?.. nah!)
Run? (to where?)
Cry? (No Audience! No Point!)
Throw a h-u-g-e tantrum? (Wats the use?)

A number of such question and anwer sessions went on in my anyways confused head. I knew I had screwed up my life bigtime!

Bangalore, June 2008:
Fast and Furious animals all around, vehicles and inhabitants included,
To reach where is the question nobody bothers to ask ..
Streets filled with people puking attitude.
To show whom, I wish at least they knew!
No body cares, for nobody.
One smile, one look, one help . . . Might have made it!

7 moths later.....

Jeans clad, funky handbag in hand, a new fringy-flowing hairdo, a bit of eye makeup, did i forget lipgloss?, somewhat noticeable attitude - yeah, that's me again!

Bengaluru rocks!! ;) Between me and this city, It was more like an arranged marriage I think. First, I hated it... Next, I loved it! Its common you know, at least in India.

Bangalore, March 2009:
Fast and Furious... a super entertaining roller coaster drive in a Ferrari
To reach where your dreams lie.
Its no more sound that travels faster than light!
Street smart, self sufficient smart people all around me.
I am one among them, I am proud to be me.


  1. Bengalaru changes everyone, i have witnessed the same......