Thursday, April 2, 2009

I....Who's Me? Read on!

At an angle, I am too simple to be thought of as special and at other angles am too special to be thought as simple.

It all depends on your angle of thought! :)

My strength is that I learn fast, act faster and reach results the fastest. Now, why so? Its simple! I like it that way and I work just my way.

I do not procrastinate for I get bored when I unnecessarily drag things for long.

I like Mock Deadlines - It gives me the urge to win against time. Now, who does not wish to conquer time?

I like positive feedback! - Makes me feel rewarded for my effort.

I hate rules! - I really have my personal discipline to worry about. So, why kill myself with RULES??

I love working! - It keeps my adrenaline rushing. And, I love the feel.

I dream - It gives me a reason for my existence.

I listen - I crave to know more.

I use a lot of I's - I love myself :)

1 comment:

  1. You are simply unconventionally special!! :)