Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I dreamt that I am suffering from Cancer. And somehow, I could feel the pain too. I woke up crying in the middle of the night and cried for a very long time. Seeking for a loved one around, searching for someone to share the pain with and above all, feeling terribly alone (something I haven't felt in ages). I still don't know why.

And now, I have in me some more new-born respect for people who suffer from this painful disease. Take all the blessings (if any) you have in store for me lord and give it off to them. I am happy with what I have. I need no more. They need it.


  1. Touching one... sometimes even though there are 100 people around you, you still feel lonely. These r the times i feel id rather be alone than have ppl around me.. And abt cancer... we will always pray for them and ur rt ... They need to have all the blessings

  2. What is so respectful about them suffering? I thought only actions can be respected. Sure you can respect people... but it all boils down to their actions (that includes their intelligence, choices and ideas as well). What do Cancer patients do that garners your new found respect? That they suffer in silence (or noisily)? That's what you respect?

  3. Yes Sony. I agree that only actions can be respected. My aunt has been suffering from cancer for over 12 years now. When there is a cut on her body, there s no blood oozing out. Its some transparent liquid. Her hands are full of blood clots, the result of doctors poking in multiple needles to find atleast one useful nerve for chemo. When hands dint work, thy tried legs. So complete blood clot there also. To me, going through this much pain requires a lot of strength. That is the action here I respect. She has even gone through mental trauma since she started feeling that she s becoming an invalid to her family. She's down for 15 days in a month, and the next 15 days she lives her life as much as she can. She travels arnd meeting relatives. Does things for her husband and children. Everthing, just so that she can give some meaning to her life. I dont have that power in me and hence I respect and wish to emulate her way of living.