Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One issue, too many friends and a lot of funny chat....

I required skype for an official purpose - to interview a US based photographer and when I tried logging in today, i wasnt getting through. On checking with my team mates, I got to know that its not working for all of them. In a attempt to figure out if AOL has blocked skype, I got in touch with a few of my friends. This is what happened.

First comes Vijay:
vsn.vsn: why u wana record (the photographer)?
What will you do Interviewing him?
me: its for an audio interview da
vsn.vsn: Is it gona get published in CNN IBN?
me: no its gonna go live on pixcetera (which is my bread n butter)
vsn.vsn: That's all.. you cal me,.,
i'll speak as if am a photographer
(more bread, more butter)
What say?
me: i laughed for that.. but still... 'poda thendi'
vsn.vsn: why laugh? when I say something serious?
next comes Gaurav Sharma:
me: heyy do u ve skype installed on ur office system?
me.aryan: it don't work...
um not able to login:(
me: damn!1
since wen?
me.aryan: from dec 2007
thats when I joined AOL
me: hahaha

Followed by Ranjith:
me: ranj.. ninte system mein skype idiya?
Ranjith: illa kano.
me: aol network mein skype not workin kane... sakath anger coming.. grr
Ranjith: :) ... ninge baay frend abroadaa?
me: adhikke bere network mein skype work aagatha anthe check maadthaidini....
Ranjith: auda? naan check maadi get back to you...saakaa?
Sent at 4:04 PM on Wednesday
me: eppo get back...
Ranjith: say 15 minutes?
me: ohh great
Ranjith: nange friendo jothe skype ithe. appo avanodu chodichattu ninathra i will say
national integration through languages
me: haha you are right say!
(Please note that this particular chat had Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, English and Hindi words in it. Hmmph!)

In short.. I ve a very useful set of friends.. none of them gave me a feasible solution to the problem... all stupid boys... joking arnd! :P

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