Monday, November 30, 2009

Man talks about men

Quite unexpectedly I happened to meet a friend last Saturday. We were in one of those over-crowded, under-lit pubs in Bangalore... Loud music, alcohol, crowd -- I wasn't too shocked when everybody around me were getting drunk. He sat next to me and announced that he is going to flirt with me. I dint mind his joke.

He placed a half empty Tuborg bottle on the table, next to an empty one.

Someone started off with the topic about relationships and each of us were confessing about what all shit we ve gone through (mine was the least eventful among the lot).

My birthday was just a few hours away and he told me -- "Its your Birthday night. I ll tell you something about men which i think you should remember when you get into a relationship'

I have listened to a lot of drunken philosophies in the last one year. So again, I dint mind what was going to come.

'I ll tell you how men think about women. Hmmmm... fine, I ll explain in context with the two beer bottles that are in front of us'

Me -- Go on. Listening...

He - 'There are two bottles on the table. One empty, one half full. I only plan on picking the half full bottle and care a damn about the empty one. Do you know why?'

Me - Why?

He - Because, the half full bottle still has something in it for me. The empty bottle is.... 'empty'. I have had it!

Me - hmmm... (i was understanding)

He - This half full bottle is giving me reasons to get back and hold it. That's how a man want his woman to be. Every woman needs love to be the reason. And every man needs a reason to be in love. U understand? A man loves a woman until the day she sleeps with him. After that, no matter how much he is love with her, in his eyes, she has nothing more to offer. So, he naturally falls out of love.

Me - hmmmm....

He - So what I am telling you is... When u love someone, give him what you want to... but, at the same time, make sure that there still something left out (that you have not given) and make sure that he knows that. That will be his reason to come back and hold you. Got me? No matter how far he goes, he ll come back to you for what you still haven't offered yet. An empty beer bottle doesn't interest the man. Half full is more interesting.

Me - Got it.

For some reason, I believed what he said. I needed no proof. This advice will be something I ll remember in the days to come.

On a different context: While writing this I remembered what another friend of mine had written on his Orkut profile:
from my past relationships i learned:
In the words of my Demi God, Homer J Simpson

" Woman are like beer. They smell good. They look good. You would step over your own mother just to get one. But you can't stop at one. You want to drink another woman".


What's with women and beer? grrrr.....


  1. hmmmm... one thing I've learned in my years of experience in giving and listening to free advice, is to always question what's not being discussed :) This is especially relevant to things that "seem" to click, makes sense etc. In this instance, I would question the girl's side. There seems to be an attempt to separate the guy and girl in ideologies. By the guy prefering the half bottle, is it suggesting that the girl prefers the empty bottle over the half filled one? Of course not... but what would drive a woman to a man, if the man has nothing to offer? My guess is she wouldn't be driven to be with someone like that either. Makes you wonder what the difference really is no?

    From what I got out of the conversation, it sounds like the girl needs to titillate and keep an aura of mystery at all times for him to feel attracted to her. That seems like a shallow quick-fix observation... maybe a modern variation of I-have-power-to-leave-you-but-you-do-not that older generations cherished. The woman's perspective is (suspiciously) missing altogether. If her needs are reduced to simply "keeping" him, the thought itself is a reflection of a failed relationship. Anything that happens beyond that is a waste of experience.

  2. Nice to learn a guy's perspective on his take about women...For guys who want to know wat women think about men...women need full bottle and not half :D...ok ok just kidding :-)

  3. i have a question here or rather a the man/men: is this applicable to all relationships including MARRIAGE???? IF it does then..............

  4. Hehe I am not sure how the man will respond. But, I do think that it applies to marriage too.. When there is nothing more to be done, u ll quit anything u are doing. Wouldn't u? Marriage or job or anything...