Thursday, January 28, 2010

OK. So yes, I am all game for a new job...

I need a job where:

One day I cant write. The other day, I can work on photos. The next, I can learn to photograph. Day four, I can design something, On the fifth day -- I get to work on Macro-media Flash or Audio-edit or video-edit or other things. And, I get to swap the work between days. I am willing to put in my usual 12-14 hrs everyday.

And, Day six and seven -- I ll get to continue to dance, swim, watch movies and do everything for which I my pay-cheque pays.

I know all this might sound as a laid-back worker's unreasonable demands. But, mind you -- I never ever take a job for granted. I put in a lot of effort towards responsibilities.

Its just that, I am a quick learner and I know bit and pieces of varying software used for different purposes. Is it not possible to have a job where I don't have to let all that knowledge rot?

Whenever I own an organization, I ll make it a point to let people use all their knowledge to gain much more, and in the process -- earn money for me. A symbiotic working relationship, that's what I am looking at.

Any takers for me??

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