Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ola Amigos!
(NOTE: this could be a sloppy cheesy post)

Its 'World Hug Day' today and this post is a tribute to that.

Popular assumption among my friends and family is that I am against hugging. I ll take this chance to tell them all - No. NO. N.O I am not against hugging. Its just that, from where I come (a small heaven named Coimbatore), nobody really hugged anyone.. So I grew up thinking that Hug is something very personal, something that is shared between a couple or romantically involved people. Although I got out of Coimbatore, I found it difficult to get used to being hugged. So most of the guys I know of stay away from me and my girl-friends often complained. Hm mm, to all of u - There are times when I have wanted to hug one or the other of u guys. But I held back, only coz it felt odd. Only if you guys had come forward and hugged, I d have passed off as a teddy bear :)

So here goes my official reasons to hug the most important people in my life. (No, I will not include 'Milind Soman' in this list :P)

For just being the person that you are. If there is one person I can never hurt, never stop loving and never ever seperate from my own self, its you! HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For all that unconditional love. I think I have been really mean to you at times. Its just that, I dont have a very human way of telling people how much I love them. Sorry for everything. Love you.

Sis (Younger)
Sometimes being my elder sister and most of the times being an acute pain. Cannot think of a world without u. You are just another extension to my body. Like an extra hand or leg. HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For all those years of being there for me. I know I never say this, but, I genuinely care for you and want good things to come your way. HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For making me fall in love. You are irreplaceable. And so is the way I feel for u. Love you. HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For being there, forever :) You are one other person who deserves good things in life. I ll be around to see you much happier than you are now. Way to go girl! HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For all those happy moments we had together. The midnight surprises, first kiss, every small thing. Wish they lasted longer.HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For being my alter-ego. Despite the obvious differences You are my personality's mirror reflection, I have felt often. HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For being a sweetheart. My confession box :) HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

For having been a best friend. I feel terrible that things changed because of my stupidity. I know we are still friends but nothing will ever be the same, the way it used to be........ But those good old days are tremendously missed. HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!

And a million other people I have wanted to hug........ Love you all! HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!


  1. Touched for the obvious reasons :)
    Hugggggggg back to u! Love u loads...
    Coming to your desk to do the same!

  2. Hey nice one .. thanks for reminding..... Hugggg from my side to you.....

  3. Millions of hugs n kisses to u too :-) U are equally important to me...Love you very much...I know I've bugged u a zillion times telling you how much you mean to I'm gonna keep it very simple here...I'm gonna be there for you forever (yeah...u'll have to bear me forever...u don't have a choice :D)

    And yes, just virtual hug will not help...need a live hug ;-)

  4. kruti - :) Thanks a ton for the hug!!!
    Anonymous (sudhira??) - Hug to u too :)
    Sharu - ofcourse, will hug u in person. N yeah, looks like i dont ve an option but to bear wit u :P no, am not complaining! :)

  5. Also, a hug a day keeps the sadness away :-)