Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend approaching. Plans:
Pick up my lazy ass and a friend (and her ass, she ll pick it herself) and go swimming.
Yeah, haven't been practicing at all. I don't even know if I can swim anymore. Wondering how embarrassing it will be to drown in 4 feet deep water. Sigh! Issues, I tell you.

Friend's birthday bash.
Yeah, tons of fun. yay yay! :)

Evening movie - Sherlock Holmes tops the wish-list for this weekend. Tickets and the bearability (bear + ability) of the movie are questionable. Gonna try anyways :)

Early (yeah, right!) morning - Rock climbing with a friend. Ever seen anyone fall off a wall coz they felt sleepy in-between? Come, and watch the fun. Limited seats only. Unlimited laughing - FREE FREE FREE!

Use the damn camera and click some pictures. The camera is rotting and so is my brain.

Back to dance class - yes yes yes!! :)

Late evening - Do something, anything.

Damn, its already Monday :(

Weekends have 12 hour days, or is it just me?
Happy Weekend Peeeeeeeeple!

Oh! did i forget to mention? All of this, if I ever manage to get out of my bed :-!

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  1. Super. You can take pictures of the birthday. Yay. I was looking for a photographer. Andd I'll definitely be taking pictures of the climbing ;)