Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Versatile human mind...

Its interesting how my mind travels at times.
I can visit atleast at 10 different places at the same time, think of a zillion thoughts, and still keep working.
This instance,
I am in dubai talking to the aunt I am chatting with now.
I reached home, at Coimbatore - the moment my aunt asked my about my dad
At a theater in Coimbatore watching Ayan - as I listen to the song that's playing on my headphones
Dancing Salsa, Bachata and Zouk at a workshop in Bangalore - as i look at a Facebook event invite
Thinking of last evening and wondering if I really wanted it - as a chat window pops up
Song changed - Thinking of a friend I like dancing with (Ranjith)
Thinking of this blog post - And Sony's killer comments that ll follow
Smiling - Reminds me of a midnight surprise visit
Surprise - wondering why I can never get enough of it
get enough of it - remembering him.
trash - trash it
Trash it - My room needs a dustbin
dustbin - I liked the one I saw in Landmark
landmark - Bought gifts for Shweta (my friend)
Shweta - Sharu
Sharu - Her mom
Her mom - my mom
My mom - smile
smile :)
...................... and on and on it goes.
Cluttered thoughts or should I say, Versatility of the human mind?


  1. Happy to read this Soum.. coz sometimes when I try to trace down what led me to think of something at a point, the chain of thoughts preceding it is almost never ending.. n its kind of funny how they r all interlinked n it makes me smile :D .. Happens mostly when I'm travelling alone. I guess most people do ponder like me.. n its lovely the way u put it down in this post :)

  2. True! It happens with me al the time and I kept wondering that I am the only lost in thought person around. Good to know tat I have company :)

  3. brilliant post.... u captured properly one of the simplest things that i guess everyone can relate to. simply too good.