Thursday, October 8, 2009

Difference or Indifference?

‘Is this the way things work around here?’ asked the tomato

‘Yes’ said the apple

‘We all work this way. Each and every one of us. And you being one among us, why do you even ask?’ reasoned the grapes

‘Er.. emm… I don’t know’ confessed the tomato; a prominent frown of confusion adorning his face. ‘It doesn’t seem right. I don’t work this way’

‘But ofcourse you do, you belong here. We are all fruits. We have the same properties. We are used the same way’ explained Mr. Orange

‘No. I don’t posses any of your properties. I am not used to your ways. I do not belong here’

‘Then, where do you think you belong?’

‘I don’t know.’


I was born in this society, among all these people and have always been trained to live in here. After all these years why am I still not too sure?

‘So, what is wrong in drinking? It’s your body and some level of losing your senses make you feel heavenly’ explained a friend when I said no to the alcohol she offered to me.

‘When I am so proud of my senses, why would I let something as low and dirty as alcohol to take over it?’ I reasoned

‘Well… you are mad’ she said


‘Why can’t you just date him for a while? If it doesn’t work, chuck it and move on.’ Said another friend

‘Well, when I know on my face tat he is not right for me, why should I date him?’

‘Honey, no man is ever right for a woman. It’s just how well you deal with him not being right for you.’

‘But, I know there is going to be a Mr. Right. And I am in no hurry. I ll wait for my fairytale to happen’

‘Fairytales are for kids. When you grow up, you get real’

‘No, my fairytale will come true’

‘Yeah... Dream on’


‘Why do you have to be so particular? It’s ok to let go sometimes. Who is going to question you?’


‘Then just get going.’

‘I can’t’

‘Why? When there is no one to question you, anything you do is right.’

‘What about personal discipline?’

‘Personal... what? Gosh! You are mad’


‘Why are you so indifferent?’

‘I am not indifferent. Am just… different’


I always wanted to be different from everyone, like everybody else wants. And when some situations make me feel completely alien from my species, it keeps me wondering. So, who decides what is right and what is wrong?

Should I follow the mob or go my way?

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  1. To want to be different from others is the same as not being any different. The trick is to see them as different and "realize" that as you move along, rather that "be" different to avoid the norm. The former is organic, and the latter is reaction. Organic makes more sense to me.

    Of course it only applies to personality traits and not abstracts like creative thinking :)