Friday, October 16, 2009

Another wish fulfilled!

My Little Wishes
11. Get caught by a cop. The karnataka cops intrigue me. I want to know if thy can accuse someone, in english. I will make sure that I dont let them know I understand Kannada. :)

Well, no. Karnataka cops cannot accuse somebody in English. It was an all Kannada verbal assault happening around me.

Cop - 'Do you know Kannda' (he asked in Kannada)
Me - 'No'
Cop - 'See. She doesn't even know Kannada'

Wasn't it common sense to know that when somebody responds to your (non-body gesture involved) question, it means that they understand the language u were talking in? :P

I always thought that I ll shiver and die at the very thought of getting caught by a cop. Well, this time, I think I started getting scared. But, eventually it all turned out to be funny. Like one of those comedy scenes in a Tamil movie. :P I did enjoy this scene ;)

But... I don't want it to happen again. Hell, no!

With the idea of maintaining atleast one percent privacy in my personal life (thanks to blogging), I am not going to mention how I got caught.
(No, I wasn't stealing, nor was I drunk n driving.)