Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heard and loved -
Experience is about:

how much music you've listened to,
how many movies you've watched,
how much you have loved,
how much you've been hurt,
how much you've read,
how much you've seen the world,
how much you've lived your life

and... maybe how old you are.


  1. Give the credit to the person who said ths!!

  2. yup... absolutely want to give him the credit. But, not sure if this is what he mentioned... I remember only bits of it.. :-! thought it ll not be nice if I wrote something which he dint say at all!

  3. Copycat!!! I was there... he said something like that only... don't you know a biriyani by any other name is still a biriyani? :P

  4. Sony pony... when did i say that I wrote that? I have written it under 'read and loved'.. dint mention Prashant's name coz this wasnt exactly what he said... dint want to quote him wrong.